drank Spiced Blackberry Citrus by 52teas
1792 tasting notes

Ohh, is that spice cake I smell? I didn’t know what to expect with the berry, citrus, and spice combination, but the scent of the steeped tea at first smells like spice cake. I think the berry sweetness is contributing to the cake aspect in that it’s sweetening up the powerful spices. And of course, the vanilla bean helps too. But sniffing it more, I’m realizing that it smells a lot like my grandma’s carrot cake. OMG. My grandma has always been more generous with her spices whenever she makes carrot cake, so this is no surprise. It’s funny because the Pinita Colada Carrot Cake disappointed me because it didn’t smell or taste anything like carrot cake to me, yet this somehow smells like it? Go figure!

I’m sipping on this hot without any additives, and it tastes more like blackberry with cloves, then cinnamon and nutmeg behind that, than cake though. The vanilla and cake notes get lost flavour-wise. The citrus plays an incredible minor role. I can barely taste them, but I like it this way anyway. A lovely surprise.

I’d gladly order a larger size if I had the opportunity. How I wish the ones I wanted large sizes of would all be available at once so I could make one big beautiful order. Sigh.

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