1785 Tasting Notes


Holy smokes, after all these years, this one finally bites the dust, and that concludes my Butiki journey.


Aw, it was an amazing journey. This looks like a good tea memory to go out on :(


I totally missed out on Butiki and I’m sad about it. What are your favorite companies to order from these days? Not that I’m anywhere near ordering.

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drank Fengqing Golden Buds by Zen Tea
1785 tasting notes

Finally got to this sample size after all of this time. That says a lot since Zen nixed their tea offerings quite a while ago now. I drank it a couple days ago but from what I recall, this was mostly starchy, mildly astringent, and very mildly malty. A touch woodsy? Good stuff.

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drank Pineapple Bacon Rooibos by 52teas
1785 tasting notes

This is a resounding NO DICE for me, to put it bluntly. I got this in my fall mystery box and have been putting it off until now, but granted, I’ve been putting off drinking tea in general because I’ve been so busy between work, volunteering, and doing things for others that I don’t really have time for my own self to even breathe. So nothing against this tea from the start!

Opening the packet, yeah, that’s pineapple bacon. To break it down, canned pineapple and bacon bits. Steeped, this was a complete train-wreck in my mouth. Does anyone recall a DAVIDsTEA pineapple blend that smelled like vomit? Grilled Pineapple! I just looked up my tasting note and I got an initial canned pineapple scent to it as well so there is definitely a correlation. So, here I get a combination of vomit-smelling, yet off-tasting pineapple mixed with smoky artificial bacon bits. Three sips and down the drain.


Not everything can be a winner. I like grilled pineapple on my garden burger but I’m not sure about in a tea…

Evol Ving Ness

See, that DTs grilled pineapple was a winner for me, so maybe this one will be too.

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drank Mango Blueberry Crumble by 52teas
1785 tasting notes

Just sipped this bad boy down. This larger bag had more mango than blueberry in comparison to the sampler I had a while bag, which was the opposite. I think I liked it more with more blueberry but it’s still good either way.

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Oh my goodness, I love this one. I wasn’t sure what to think of it, what with jasmine (normally one big gigantic UGH for me), rose, then fruity strawberry, then some of that rooibos, and chamomile? It’s the reason why I stayed away from DAVIDsTEA’s The Glow for many years, whose original blend consisted of an odd mixture of jasmine, rose, oat straw, cinnamon, rosehip, and nettle. Yet that turned out to be a glorious oatmeal cookie for me.

We have a similar outcome here! I can taste the lavender more so than the jasmine or chamomile on its own, combined with the sweet ripened strawberry note, finally accompanied by a subdued primarily green rooibos base. It’s like a well-blended fragrance where everything works together in the end even though some of the notes in question sound sketchy.

So happy to have received this in my mystery box a while back! Too bad I only got the sample size.


Aw, this sounds lovely! Wish I’d not missed out on it :)


Yeah! A total surprise.

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drank Tropical Flip by 52teas
1785 tasting notes

I like this but don’t love it. It’s better cold brewed versus hot, in my opinion, as the base doesn’t take over the fruity flavours quite as much. Candied pineapple is in the forefront with a hint of banana. No coconut! At least for me.

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drank BounTea by Tee de Cologne
1785 tasting notes

My boyfriend picked this up for me in Köln a while back and I am finally writing about it (and finishing it too!). The coconut lover that I am, this sounded like a perfect match for me, and apparently, the owner was ultra proud of her clever pun. For a non-native language speaker and considering they don’t even have Bounty chocolate bars in Germany (at least I don’t recall seeing them while I was there), that is seriously impressive!

The dry leaf is loaded with bits and shreds of stuff: coconut, cacao nibs, little bits of white chocolate, but in flavour, I’m getting almost all coconut, all the time. A hint of cocoa but absolutely no white chocolate. Although, this does taste a little on the oily side, if you know what I mean. Could be from the white chocolate and the coconut oils. It’s not enough to leave a DAVIDsTEA-level scum ring around the mug, but it’s altering the entire experience of the tea. Also, I’m finding that this tea doesn’t age too well. When I first got it, the coconut was rather fresh, but now it’s starting to taste a little soapy.

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drank Chai Houjicha by 52teas
1785 tasting notes

Funny when it’s really cloudy outside, I subconsciously gravitate towards chai and gothic doom metal. I shouldn’t be surprised that roasty houjicha and chai spices go so well together, but I am! I just didn’t expect them to go together this well.

I added some half-and-half, and I’m left with a creamy, roasty chai with notes of ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon. Towards the bottom of the cup, I am getting a shot of heat from the black pepper.


I don’t usually go for the gothic doom metal. I’m more of a guns n’ roses girl whether rain or shine – but I definitely want a chai when the weather gets cold or even if it’s cloudy – and it’s usually cloudy here in the pacific northwest.

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drank Chai Black by Fauchon
1785 tasting notes

My boyfriend graciously brought this all the way from Paris a few months ago but I sadly never wrote about it until now. You know me, I love chai. It’s an unhealthy obsession, so I was curious about how Fauchon does things in the world of chai.

The dry leaf is mostly black tea leaves with a few cardamom pods here and there, along with cinnamon and ginger pieces, but I’m barely seeing any star anise or clove (my two favourite spices too, mind you) even though there is supposed to be a healthy mix of both i here.

In terms of flavour, it’s mostly ginger and cinnamon. I ought to crack open the cardamom pods in order to unleash their flavour, or else it seems to be a bit of a waste. There is apparently vanilla in here but I’m barely getting it. With milk, this tastes like a lot of chai blends I’ve tasted in Indian restaurants. So, better than average, but not amazing.

Next time, I’ll crack open the cardamom pods and dig through the pouch to see if I can find any cloves or star anise. If I can’t find any, maybe it’s time I make a trip to the bulk section of the nearby grocery store and fetch some whole spices to add to this.

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I am so embarrassingly behind with reviewing teas I’ve gotten yet back in the fall. When my boyfriend was in London, he generously offered to pick some tea up for me and I asked him to surprise me since the few that I was originally interested in from Whittard have been since discontinued. This is the one he chose, and apparently, the sales associate described this as an “intense tea experience,” if I remember correctly.

This reminds me of a Christmas blend from Acquired Taste, and other orange spice blends. The vanilla bean is overpowered by the much stronger orange and clove notes in here. Not to mention, the base is bold and astringent. I would probably enjoy it more with milk but keep forgetting to do so whenever I steep up a cup.

The last sip is loaded with clove. I’m surprised my tongue hasn’t gone numb!

Lexie Aleah

She probably meant the spices aka the clove. lol

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