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It’s pretty light, but the Sweet Potato Pie tea does have a yammy flavor. Starchy. I don’t get the ‘pie’ so much as the vegetable, although maybe it’d be a bit creamy if I added some milk. I actually like the tea; it’s a good savory flavor, but like a couple of other people commented, I’m a bit stumped by what to drink it with.


Lupicia’s is better (more accurate).

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drank Vanilla Apricot White by Tazo
123 tasting notes

Much better than I expected for a bagged tea. When I opened the paper envelope, the scent of dried apricots came rushing out. Once brewed, the flavor is light, but I could definitely taste a creamy sort of apricot. (It was definitely apricot, not peach. There was a pleasant tartness that peaches just don’t have.) I would definitely drink this again.

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drank Earl Grey Lavender by Rishi Tea
123 tasting notes

I wasn’t sure if I’d like the combination of lavender and bergamot, but the two flavors go together really well! The lavender softens the citrus note of the Earl Grey, but the tea remains bold and intense. Really nice.

(Feeling lazy today so short review, sorry.)

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drank White Tropics by Adagio Teas
123 tasting notes

Oh man what did I do wrong?
This tastes like…like…bread???
There’s a yeasty or malty note that reminds me of beer. Am I crazy? (Maybe.) I can taste a bit of the coconut, too, towards the end, but it’s this other bread-flavor that dominates.

It’s gross, to be honest. I’m disappointed. I followed Adagio’s instructions, so what happened? Le sigh. I don’t know whether I’ll give this another chance. I mean, it could be awesome, but is it worth mucking around to find out?

190 °F / 87 °C 7 min, 0 sec

I do not like their new parameters for whites, they’re even worse than the old ones. I’d try 140-160 for 1-3min, but go up to 7 if you need to.


I agree with Cofftea, Adagio’s steeping parameters are on the high side, so try cutting back the time and temp and see what that does for you. Actually from reading the other reviews this tea has struck out with a few people. :D


Adagio’s steeping parameters, in general, have improved… but obviously NOT w/ whites. :(

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Oh, wow.
“Numerous bits” seems like quite an understatement for all the raspberry in this drink. It’s like a berry punch in the mouth! There’s more raspberries here than there were at the farmers’ market last weekend. The raspberries are stronger than the raspberry-flavor syrup used in soda machine “iced tea”. I feel like the teapot is going “thhhhhhhhb,” blowing raspberries at me. Raspberry raspberry raspberry.

It’s tart and fresh-tasting. The liquor is pink. That’s weird. i wasn’t expecting a pink tea. I mean, this is supposed to be a green tea. Since that often turns out yellow-ish, should the liquid be more of an orange color? Maybe? At any rate, even though I saw plenty of green leaves in the dry leaves, I don’t taste it.

I like it, I’m just a little blown away by how dominant the raspberries are.

2 min, 30 sec

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drank Almond Oolong by Adagio Teas
123 tasting notes

I had to put a lot of freakin’ leaves into the teapot to get any almond out of this tea, and even then it was rather disappointing. It was faintly like almond milk.

The two flavors – almond milk and Formosa oolong – didn’t really match each other. I mean, they didn’t taste bad exactly, but this was not a truly blended tea, just a half-hearted attempt at it.

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I’m really not getting cucumber out of this.
I mean, I taste cinnamon, and something vaguely vegetal. But I tend to associate a sort of watery crisp freshness to cucumbers, and I don’t get that same feeling from the tea.

The flavor is weak; maybe I didn’t use enough leaves. I’ll have to mess around with it some more.


I use a LOT of leaf w/ my teas. If you have a scale, try 2.25g/6oz water- otherwise just measure a TB per 6oz water. Water temp 140-160 degrees Steeped 1-3min. I still laugh every time I see cinnamon. Then again Ricky gets nail polish out of their cocomint green. Very good hot… ABSOLUTELY AMAZING cold. =D


Oops. That was supposed to be “w/ my white teas”.


Ha ha, I must have put nearly a quarter of the sample tin into my pot, so I thought that would be enough.

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This is such a guilty pleasure.
I mean, 440 calories in one drink? That’s pretty killer.

But I love these things!

It’s very, very sweet. The matcha flavor is strong, but there’s so much milk and whipped cream that any bitterness from the green tea vanishes completely. It’s like drinking green tea ice cream, but sweeter. Much, much sweeter.

Also, as I was sitting at my desk enjoying the drink, one of our residents came in and kept looking at my drink out of the corner of his eye.
“Is that green?” he finally asked.
“Yes sir!” I answer in my perky I’m-working-hard voice.
“…thank God, I thought my eyes were going wacko on me.”


HAHA that was the same reaction my mom had the 1st time I drank (real) matcha!

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drank Chocolate Chip by Adagio Teas
123 tasting notes

I like the subtlety of the chocolate in this tea. It’s not WHAM BAM SUGARLY FAKE CHOCOLATE FLAVOR, but a lighter, authentic flavor that works with the tea instead of trying to smother it.

I did slightly oversteep it, so there’s a faint acidity to the brew, but even with that the tea is quite pleasing.

As with all my teas lately, I am drinking this iced.


I just don’t have the taste for dessert teas cold yet… :(


Think of it as chocolate chip ice cream! Cold = yummy!


Couldn’t unless it has cream/milk, which I hardly ever add to a plain chocolate teas. And then I think it would just taste like chocolate milk. And comparing the two, chocolate milk is better. I guess it’s just not for me. :(

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drank Sisters Secret by SBS Teas
123 tasting notes

This is excellent iced.

Sister’s Secret is oolong tea and raspberry. The raspberry is tart, not sugary sweet, and balances wonderfully with the oolong.

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