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Bonus Tea for October 2021: Blood Orange Spice Black Tea!

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

I had planned on offering a featured reblend this month – like I do most months – however, some last minute changes to my tea menu forced me to be a little bit creative. So, I came up with this blend – offering a little change up from the usual holiday spiced tea. Actually, the usual holiday spiced tea is simply orange & cinnamon, nothing wrong with that, I quite enjoy that combination, but I decided to go a little more chai like with my holiday spice blend & change the orange to blood orange because I’ve been enjoying the blood orange blends I’ve been crafting lately – so I thought, why not another?

So, here it is Blood Orange Spice Black Tea – a blend of Yunnan, Ceylon & Assam combined with blood oranges, cinnamon, ginger root, cardamom, cloves, allspice & nutmeg. Super yummy.


Thanks for your support!

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I feel a bit like a mind reader with the Blood Orange Creamsicle blend, haha!

The new site looks great though, and I’m excited for this year’s 12 Days selection! :)

52Teas said

That’s not all – though – because you also mentioned on a totally different post from a different company about how you didn’t like the word “flan” – and our featured reblend for August … contains that word in the name in the tea. (I’ll be announcing the tea on Monday but I’m sure that totally gave it away anyway.)

52Teas said

Thanks about the comments on the new website. I spent a lot of hours on it – but I’m happy with it. It just – looks better. Maybe it’s just because I looked at the same website for 6 years but the other one felt so old fashioned and clunky.

AJRimmer said

Yay I’m glad these updates are back!

52Teas said

Thanks! :)

Sil select said

yay for the new site and updates!

52Teas said

Thank you! :)

I’m also very excited to see these updates again. Loving the new site, it looks great!
I’m so sad I missed the 12 Teas box…no idea how I managed that. I filled out the form, so hoping there is an extra I can purchase! :)

52Teas said

Amanda – I can’t make any promises just yet – but I suspect there will be enough for a box for you. I will contact you when I know more. In the meantime, thank you for filling out the form!

Thanks for the kind comments!

PS: The box went very quickly this year!

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