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How the tea shop owners select good teas?

If the tea shop owner wants to find cost-effective tea, simply knowing the origin and technology of the tea processing can only be auxiliary, because opaque information has always existed in the tea industry.

Tasting is the only effective method, through the normal brewing to understand the advantages and review, brewing to understand its shortcomings.

1.Brew normally. Different teas have different brewing methods, which will not be specified here. The aroma of tea soup, tea soup thickness, smoothness, aftertaste to feel the characteristics of tea. Tea shop owner need to choose teas for different tea lovers. Therefore, if you can provide as rich flavor as possible under the condition of the minimum SKU, you can meet the preferences of more tea lovers and thus gain more customers.

2.Review brewing. The necessary methods for professionals to judge the quality of tea. If the tea merchant does not have a professional evaluation cup, the appropriate extension of steeping time can be used to grab the shortcomings.

Tea at any price should not be a problem one. A problem tea is one that has an unusual aroma or taste.

But in fact, the definition of abnormality is very difficult to standardize, and there are sometimes statements in the market that a high carbon fire smell is chocolate or a musty smell is plum. Personally, I think the only criterion is whether you feel comfortable physically, regardless of whether it tastes like chocolate or plum. If the tea makes you uncomfortable, even if it really has such a flavor, you don’t need to endure to taste it.

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