Life in Teacup Dong Ding Traditional Medium Roast of 2013 is Back!

Dear friends,

It’s back temporarily. The tea is from 2013 winter harvest, in sealed packs. Here is the steepster page of this tea:

I’m so grateful that steepster tea pages are somewhat more organized than what I could do on my own tea. For quite a few years (probably since 2015) I had thought we exhausted this tea and we removed it from our webstore. If not for the steepster tea page, I wouldn’t have known a fast way of describing to people which tea I was talking about!

Out of my joyful surprise, recently I found more of this tea in our storage. Then for a while I forgot where I found it… Then during the holidays, I manage to dig it out again, and had a tasting. For pictures and more notes of this tea, please refer to my blog post:

If interested, please email me or PM me for an invoice.

Thank you!


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