spartcom5 said

Kyusu recommendations?

I recently bought my first Tokoname kyusu tea pot and was wondering if I got a good one? It has a 360 mesh SS filter. Are these filters good? I feel that they my be hard to clean no? Here is a link to the kyusu I ordered. I can’t really tell if it is glazed or not? What do you all think? Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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LuckyMe said

Very nice kyusu. I also have a teapot with a wrap around mesh filter and it’s effective at filtering all kinds of teas. You can pour much faster from it than teapots without metal filters. Some fine tea particles do occasionally get trapped in there but clean up isn’t too difficult.

To me it appears to be a clay teapot, not ceramic so it’s best to use it for one type of tea and avoid brewing flavored tea in it.

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