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Leafhopper said

LuckyMe, thanks for recommending Verdant’s Dan Congs. I might have to try them when they go on sale during Black Friday. Let me know if Verdant has any other big sales I should be aware of.

I’ve had trouble finding porcelain teapots under 80 ml or so. Could you let me know where you got yours? I don’t love Dan Congs enough to justify purchasing a Chaozhou clay pot, especially with my history of breaking clay teaware!

LuckyMe said

Totally feel you on the breakage issue. I’m still mad at myself for shattering two pieces last week. For this reason alone, I avoid expensive teaware like Yixings. I just don’t trust my clumsy self with them.

My 65ml teapot is a ceramic kyusu that I bought from AliExpress for $10. A number of shops including Teaware House sell the exact same one:

It works well for most full leaf teas. Drips a little but otherwise it’s very functional.

The other mini-teapot I use is my 50ml shibo from The Jade Leaf:

I use this now for most of my high mountain oolongs. This like the kyusu is glazed which makes it usable for any kind of tea.

The nice thing about small sized teaware is they allow you to have a solo gongfu session or even multiple sessions during the day without getting over-caffeinated.

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Big Heart Tea Co.
Liked their name. Probably okay stuff. Some samples. Lots of tea bags, though loose available too. Shipping within US and Canada.

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