In the market for a new kettle

Hi! Not sure if this will post or not but I’ll try.

I’ve come to the realization that I need a good, variable temp kettle with a keep warm feature. I have a variable temp teamaker that I’ve been using as a kettle but without a keep warm feature, the water always ends up getting cold before I can resteep.

So any suggestions? I’m not remotely rich, so something reasonably priced would be appreciated.


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Inkling said

I’m a big fan of this one:

I used the previous version of this kettle multiple times a day for over five years until it finally broke down this spring during COVID (maybe because of overuse when I was staying home drinking tea all the time!) and my new one is going strong almost 6 months in.

It’s sturdy, inexpensive, can be set to any temperature by 5 degree intervals, and keeps water at the set temperature for up to an hour. I also love the gooseneck spout for drip-free pouring! One thing to note is that it does often “overshoot” the set temperature by 10 degrees or so, but that’s easily fixed by just setting it a little lower than what you actually need.

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Hi Shanie. This may not be quite what you have in mind, but a friend carries his tea and tea gear (gaiwan, pot, fairness cup and so on) in a back pack where ever he goes-work, hikes, parks, road trips, visiting other pals et cetera. In order to be able to make tea on the spot-indoors or out-he heats his water in the morning, then fills up his Zojurishi and adds that to his back pack. The bottle keeps the water at a constant temperature for over 12 hours.

Dustin said

Zojirushi is a great company. I’m not familiar with their thermoses, but they make excellent rice cookers!

Yeah, not exactly a kettle but completely backing this as probably the best thermos that you could possibly buy on the market for maintaining water temp as consistent and long term temperatures.

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I’m using a Bonavita, but it is honestly very comparable in price and features to the Hamilton Beach one that Inkling has linked.

I actually have been needing a good large thermos like that, White Antlers, to make gong fu a little easier, since I don’t like making kettle runs from the dining room back to the kitchen, or sometimes want to take my tea setup upstairs (while the kichen is downstairs). I may look into getting one of those!

LiquidProust introduced me to the Zojirushi, Mastress Alita. It makes sense. I believe it comes in 2 sizes. Considering how well and how long it maintains water temperature, it’s great if you doze off, then need to start or continue a session with more tea several hours later.

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Ag select said

I have an older model of this Zojirushi hot water boiler/dispenser:

Have had it for about 6 years or so. Doesn’t use too much electricity to keep water held at a specific temperature thanks to the vacuum insulation. I picked up some spare parts off of Zojirushi’s website (lid, some gaskets) in case I ever need to replace them, but so far it’s still going strong. Just need to descale it two or three times a year due to hard water. It’s definitely pricey but worth considering if you drink a ton of tea.

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