A Steepster Cleanup Initiative

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I am adding this because Martin can’t post to discussions:
Martin Bednář
Suggestion for those who are do cleanup of Steepster — check Farmerleaf and Farmer leaf teas; I think they should be merged :)

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Angrboda said

Tackled the Zs this afternoon

Names I’ve kept
Zack’s Coffees, Teas & Gifts
Zaira Tea
Zanzibar Gifts
Zawadi African Tea
Zealong Tea Estate
Zed’s Cafe
Zee Tea
Zen Gardens
Zen no Ocha
Zen Organics
Zen Tara Tea
Zen Tea
Zen Tea Life
Zen Tea Traders
Zen Zoo Tea
Zen’s Tea House
Zenjala Tea Company
Zenkouen Tea Garden
Zenobia’s Garden
Zensation Tea
Zentei Matcha
Zero Tea
Zest Tea
Zhang Jia Jie moyeam Co., LTD
Zhang_Yunhai Private Production
Zhao Li Qiao Tea Factory
Zhao Zhou
Zhehang Tea Group, China
Zhejiang Anji Impression, Tea Co., LTD
Zhejiang Tea Group Co., Ltd
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea
zheng ming
Zheng Shan Tang
Zhi Ming Du
Zhi Tea
Zhi Zheng Tea Shop
ZhiJian Puerh
Zhong Guo Cha
Zhong Hua
Zhong Min Wei Shi Ecological Tea Company
Zhong Tea
Zhong Xing Tea Factory
Zhongcha Brand
Zhu Xiang Ji
Zhuoqon Menghai Tea Factory- Taobao
Zi Chun Tea Co
Ziamese Sisters
Zion Health
Zlatý šálek
Zomia Tea
Zona Sun Tea
Zoomdweebie’s Tea Bar
Zun An
Zuo Wang Tea
Złoty Smok

RE all the Zen ones, turns out anything with ‘Zen’ in the name is a bit of a nightmare to google, so I honestly can’t tell if some or more of these should be combined. Same with the Chinese named ones. I can’t read Chinese so I’ve left them alone unless they were obviously duplicates. Possibly some of them are also the same as some of the Chinese characters ones in the # section.
Also, one of these has an underscore in it that I can’t seem to remove.

Empty company names
Zaria https://steepster.com/teas/zaria
Zarin https://steepster.com/teas/zarin
Zealong https://steepster.com/teas/zealong
Zeerank.com https://steepster.com/teas/zeerank-dot-com
Zealong available from KiwiImporter.com https://steepster.com/teas/zealong-available-from-kiwiimporter-dot-com
Zen Windows Nashville, LLC https://steepster.com/teas/zen-windows-nashville-llc
Zen Windows The Triangle https://steepster.com/teas/zen-windows-the-triangle
ZenCha Tea Salon https://steepster.com/teas/zencha-tea-salon
Zenjal https://steepster.com/teas/zenjal
zenmatchatea.com https://steepster.com/teas/zenmatchatea-dot-com
ZenMatchatea.net https://steepster.com/teas/zenmatchatea-dot-net
Zephrofel singapore https://steepster.com/teas/zephrofel-singapore
Zero Japan/Bee House https://steepster.com/teas/zero-japan-slash-bee-house
Zhena https://steepster.com/teas/zhena
Zhen Tea https://steepster.com/teas/zhen-tea
Zhi https://steepster.com/teas/zhi
zhifayulong (ebay store) https://steepster.com/teas/zhifayulong-ebay-store
Zion Health Kanwa https://steepster.com/teas/zion-health-kanwa
Zodiak4d https://steepster.com/teas/zodiak4d
Zoomdweebies https://steepster.com/teas/zoomdweebies
Zsenso https://steepster.com/teas/zsenso
zvelofel https://steepster.com/teas/zvelofel

Should be moved to teaware

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Arby said

I changed over 100 “places” to spam or something with spam in the title. I wish I could delete them though. So many roofing/construction dentistry/medical clinics and law firms.

There are 1253 entries under roof. My computer will not load the search results so I can’t even start on them all. Perhaps anything with roof repair, roofing, or roofers should be automatically deleted? I can’t imagine any roofing company being tea related.

Arby said

A list of terms that should be automatically deleted if in the “places” place name:

Auto center / auto sale
Dahbi girl
hot girls/cute girls
law/law firm/associates
Delhi girl
call girl
injury or personal injury
law firm
any string of numbers greater than 4 digits

Unsure/maybe gets flagged for review?
City Tour
defense / defence
keto diet / keto

Exception to any of the above: if the place name includes the word tea or teas.

We could also flag for review anything with the words: girl or women/woman and probably catch most of the various call girl and escort services without having to delete so many varying terms. The problem is that I could see a shop being called “A Woman’s Tea” or “Steeper Girl” something if they sell PMS or herbal teas targeted towards women.

The one on here that, while I understand WHY it’s on here, might be worth a detailed review would probably be “specialists”. Doesn’t seem too far outside the realm of possibility for a company to be called like “Japan Tea Specialists” or “Black Tea Specialists” or something to that effect.

Arby said

Good point. I’ll move them to the maybe column. I think it would be fairly easy to set up a filter to allow any of the above terms if the word tea shows up in the title.

AJ said

This’ a really useful list. When I was working on tea I was definitely plugging in Delhi/women/escort/girl. As for ‘Places’, I basically just plugged in my hometown and worked my way outwards, because it somehow became infested with lawfirms and construction companies.

I figured just changing them all to ‘SPAM’ will make it easier for someone to just mass-delete anything using that title in one swoop. But renaming everything definitely takes… a while.

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So I’ve been spending all week trying to clean up the (literally hundreds upon hundreds) of Adagio Custom Blends into a single indexed format ( Adagio Custom Blends, creator name ) and I am simply stumped on this one. There was an extra comma typoed into the formatting, which shouldn’t seem like a big deal… remove it, resave, be done with it. Except, no matter how much I try to do that, it just spits me back out to the page without the Company being changed at all (other edits, if made, WILL be saved, though! Only the Company field remains unchanged). I can’t remove the extra comma between “Beth” and “McGee” (no relation to Cara!) at all! Is anyone else able to? Maybe someone with a Moderator account? Or have any ideas? It’s affecting these records (that I’ve found so far, unsure if there are more at this point… these things are a mess, y’all).


Angrboda said

I had a similar issue where I couldn’t remove a space in front of the company name. In the end, I admit, I just gave up.

So… I tried, since I do have a moderator account.

I couldn’t get rid of the comma but out of curiosity I tried changing it to a completely DIFFERENT tea company and that did work (changed it back afterwards). So then I thought that maybe it’s just glitching so that the tea company has to already be in the system?

I went to try and create a new “test” tea using ‘Adagio Custom Blends, Beth McGee" as the company name to get it into the system and… I’m blocked from creating the tea entry if I use that company name. SO WEIRD.

Well, and I can still edit OTHER records into that format, like, the (literally hundreds >_> ) that are currently under “Adagio Tea”, “Custom-Adagio Blends”, “Custom-Adagio Teas”, “Custom – Adagio” and a slew of other things, I can still rename into the Adagio Custom Blends, Creator Name format (even if that creator has never been “named” in the system before). I just, specifically, can’t change THOSE TWO into Adagio Custom Blends, Beth McGee and it’s Driving. Me. Up. The. Wall.

AJ said

Punctuation marks and special characters cause all sorts of havoc in coding. In this case, the reason it’s doing this (if I had to guess) is because the company name’s unique URL:


Steepster drops symbols, commas and periods when the URL is generated, so they’re just -‘s (extra spaces/punctuation are dropped so there’s no – -‘s). So unfortunately ’adagio-custom-blends-beth-mcgee’ is uniquely tied to ‘Adagio Custom Blends, Beth, McGee’ which was registered first. When you try to change it to ‘Adagio Custom Blends, Beth McGee’ it tries to register the url ‘adagio-custom-blends-beth-mcgee’ (using that same format), but then finds that that already exists, and is already tied to ‘Adagio Custom Blends, Beth, McGee’ so it defaults back to that.

The only way to FIX this is to go into the Company Profile > Edit Company. Unfortunately editing the Master Name is greyed out—and only allowed to, I believe, Companies given access to their own profiles (such as Butiki and Andrew & Dunhams, etc).

Maybe in the future that ‘right’ will be given to Moderators as well to help with cleaning. Until then, I think grouping together teas as best we can and then creating a ‘list’ of names that need to be otherwise ‘fixed’, as well.

Aah. Makes perfect sense to me! (I had to contact a plugin dev recently over a tilde that borked their script, heh). I wonder if that (at least in some part) has to do with some of the “duplicate entry” issues in the first place, and people just creating another entry “slightly different” to try to get around it.

AJ said

I wouldn’t be surprised. But I think the duplicate entry problem could be largely solved if they put in one extra step in tea-creation:

When you go to start typing in the company name, it creates an autocomplete dropdown menu. At the moment, clicking on an entry in that menu is optional. But it should become mandatory, so that you’ll have to select “Don’t see your company on the list?” or something similar to specifically add a new company. I think largely people just start typing and hit enter, whether or not it’s close to the actual company name.

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Arby said

New idea: Every time a person gets deleted due to spam (either deleted by mods or removed by an admin if they have been on the site too long), all of the places and teas they create get deleted too. This might remove almost all spam places since they would likely be caught and have their accounts deleted eventually.

derk said

Deleting a user account does delete every thread, tea, tea company, note, and comment they have created. I don’t know if the coding is set up the same for users that create Places; all of the spam tea places I’ve found have been created by accounts too old for me to delete.

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Arby I like that idea. I think it would prevent pulling up the Discussions section and seeing the first 2-3 pages populated with 3 year old threads started by and often answered by bots.

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AJ said


Just a quick post-check, it looks like there’s something up with the forums.

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teaddict said

Steepster cleanup sounds like purging to ‘current content only’. Longitudinal information is good when an agricultural product varies harvest to harvest, maker to maker, importer to importer. Put some marker in where links are broken, but DO NOT DELETE THE POSTS. Consolidate threads under a standard company name but DO NOT DELETE THE POSTS. DO NOT DELETE POSTS about teas from companies now out of business because they may still be relevant and important information about a particular tea. DO NOT DELETE descriptions of no-longer available tea because that may be the only available information about a rare tea in English when the company goes out of business.

Consolidate if you must, put in a placeholder for broken links, but….


Hi teaddict – I think everyone in this thread agrees with the core of your comment.

Just a quick note that the title of the thread, “Steepster Cleanup Initiative” does not refer to the removal of valuable information – but to the merging of duplicate tea page entries (ex. There are two entries for 2017 Natural Redhead from White2Tea – same tea, but slightly different spelling in the name caused a dual entry for it) or removal of tea companies with typos in their names (ex. davidstea, DAVIDSTEA, David’s Tea). The whole point is to identify where issues like this exist so that the information can be preserved/accurate but the doubles/typo companies can be removed to free up space.

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AJ said

Keeping this thread alive to add a new thing to the list (yes I’m still here—I’ve always been more of a lurker than a poster).

404 Teas – Teas that go to 404 pages.
I’ve seen a few posted in the Futures and other threads, and it seems random. At the moment I just came across:
A bunch, but not all of their teas are stuck on 404? Refreshed, opened in Incognito… Unsure. At least one refreshed into its ‘proper’ page, but.

Hey AJ – there’s some update on this on the Steepster Migration thread. It’s super annoying, but appears to be temporary. The longest I’ve seen one stick for is four days at this point. I’m holding back reviews for a few DT blends because of this issue.

Not sure if compiling a list will be super helpful though; it doesn’t seem like the Adagio team is able to “expedite” the repair of these pages and since it’s only temporary the list would probably have to get edited really frequently.

Angrboda said

I edited the ones that had broken images and didn’t run into any problems, so it seems to have been fixed.

AJ said

Good to know. I’m still unable to open them right now, but that’s likely a cache problem.

Ya, the 404 Not Found is basically the “new” 503 or 504 or whatever we were getting before… the server being “overwhelmed” or “too slow” and throwing that back as an error because it is unable to display the tea page. I’ve had one stuck for nearly a week before I could access it… I think tea pages that have LOTS of reviews on them tend to cause it the worst, since that is more data and ergo cause the timeout worse…

In any event, the data isn’t actually “gone” so it is a more misleading error page than the 503/504 timeouts, since 404 not found seems to indicate a missing/deleted webpage. That isn’t the case, though.

Angrboda said

Sounds reasonable. Also fits in with the fact that I’m likely coming at the site when it generally has a little less traffic.

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