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Posting on behalf of Arby who is having issues now as well…

I’m not sure if anyone can receive my messages any more, but I can’t post anything to the forums. It loads as if it posted but then nothing gets posted. Can you mention this for me, since I can’t report this myself.

For what it’s worth, I CAN see her DMs but I can’t answer back. I’m having issues sending DMs even though I can receive them.

That’s what it was doing to me when I couldn’t post to the forums. Either it would just say “Posting…” on the button forever but never post, OR do exactly as she is describing, “look” like it had gone through, reload the page, but the message never actually posted or went anywhere.

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Loading times are slow for me for all pages, which is unusual. Also, at least one tea page where I had a previous note was inaccessible to me with a 404 error.

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Ilya Kreymerman admin said

I think the site should be faster today. Please let me know if you are still experiencing lag.

For me the site is almost completely useless now, because I cant’t get past the 1020 error page, so talking about it being faster and asking about lags seems pretty out og place here. The lag is endless and I seem to be completely denied the access. It has been like that for several days now. And the problem persists, even though I changed countries in the meantime…
Today I was able to log in only thanks to the very slow US VPN server. The normal connection doesn’t seem to work at all for me.

That’s weird dreamloomer and I feel sad you are experiencing such issues. Hopefully Ilya (and his team) will check that soon and Poland will be whitelisted as well.

Only lag I noticed is with notices, those loads for ages and sometimes they don’t load at all, no matter how many of them are there.

Courtney said

I agree with the notices. I often have to attempt to re-load my main feed, then try again with the notices for it to work.

I spoke too soon (re above from yesterday), I’m now unable to access to access my notices at all. It spins and spins and usually nothing happens, and sometimes I get a 404 error.

Yep, that’s very weird. I couldn’t access the site rom Denmark, I can’t access it from Poland after moving. VPN seems to be the only way. I’m glad that it works, but it definitely shouldn’t be like this.
And Martin, I’m happy you have your replying abilities back!

LuckyMe said

@Ilya, site has been slow again these past few days and I got the dreaded 404 error a couple of times today.

Also, I noticed the login page is no longer SSL encrypted when “Log In” is clicked from the homepage. Passwords are transmitted in clear text unless you specifically type HTTPS in the URL bar. Please fix this as its a security issue that many users may not be aware of. Thanks!

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