Supporting Black-Owned Businesses - Tea Companies

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Posting on behalf of VariaTEA – looks like Plentea may have closed? Their physical shop is definitely closed, though they had the website operational for a while. Now it appears to not be accessible, though?

Shae said

Thank you for catching that! I found their online store. I’ll go in and update it now. Thank you both!

Just throwing it out there for my fellow Canadian peeps – I ordered from The Tea Practitioner (among others from this list) and my turn around time was VERY fast!

Thank you so much for adding us to this list Shae! I am so grateful. Please send me an email i want to send you a free product to taste. To everyone who is supporting us we want to show you love with a 30% OFF DISCOUNT COUPON- HXFPX24B. Thanks again much love!- Sedem Gavua

Shae said

You are so kind! It was truly a joint effort by a few of us here on Steepster. I would love to chat with you – will you follow me here on Steepster so that I can send you a message?

Thank you so much for sharing a discount coupon with us. I’m looking forward to seeing some reviews of your teas from others here on Steepster!

Ooh Thank You for doing this! I realized I’ve actually bought from some of these companies before as well.

Shae said

I get so excited when I see one of the companies pop up in my feed!

VariaTEA said

I haven’t checked the BF sales discussion board but I figured I would mention some of these companies are having BF sales. I ordered from Tea Please and have been enjoying their stuff so far and they are doing 30% off full sized packages. I also got an email from Cup of Te, which just made Oprah’s list and makes my go-to Lemony Mint tea, and they are doing 25% off.

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