'Samurai' Traveling Tea Box!!!

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Shae said

I want to give an update so no one thinks the tea box is lost. :)

I’ve been working from home these past few months and planned to do so for as long as my boss would let me. I found out today that he is having some of us go in to work starting the week of June 15th. I’m included in that group, so my plan is to drop the tea box at the post office one day that week. I’m thinking probably the 16th or the 18th. Then it’ll be on its way to Roswell Strange. I know I’ve kept it a while, I normally wouldn’t have, but with the virus I haven’t felt safe to go out. I still don’t, honestly, but since I have to be at work it feels like a good time to mail the box while I’m already out. I hope this hasn’t inconvenienced anyone.

If you are after me on the list and have a tea request from my cupboard, please DM me and I’ll add it to the box!

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Shae said

The tea box is officially on its way to Roswell Strange!

Here is the box update -

Adagio – Tie Kuan Yin Black
DAVIDsTEA – Saigon Chai
Great Tea Road – Sun Moon Lake #18
Lupicia – Neptune
Simpson & Vail – Valentine’s
Tea Runners – White Pearls
Teakruthi – Two Seasons
Udyan Tea – Jungpana Tippy Musk Black Tea

English Tea Store – Berry Berry
English Tea Store – Decaf Bella Coola
English Tea Store – Lime Gelato
Simpson & Vail – Caribbean Splash

52Teas – Bootleg Nilgiri
52Teas – Cotton Candy Genmaicha
52Teas – Rocky Road
52Teas – Tangerine Cupcake with Marshmallow Frosting
A Quarter to Tea – Apple Ginger Remedy
A Quarter to Tea – Baklava
A Quarter to Tea – Turtle Dove
Adagio – Clotted Cream
Adagio – Cream
Ahmad Tea – Apple Refresh
BLK + BOLD – Passion Fruit
Cup of Té – Cream of Earl Grey
Cup of Té – English Breakfast
Cup of Té – London Calling
Cup of Té – Noms Berry Delight
DAVIDsTEA – Fantasy Island
Della Terra Teas – Caramel Oolong
Geeky Teas – EquesTEA
Handmade Teas – Pineapple Old Bay
Harbor Tea & Spice – Ice Cave Blue Tea
Harney & Sons – Queen Catherine
Joseph Wesley Tea – Assam
Joseph Wesley Tea – Keemun Congfu
My Cup of Tea – Blue Suede Shoes Organic Wild Blueberry
My Cup of Tea – Dreamsicle
My Cup of Tea – Mango Fruit Tea
My Cup of Tea – Mango Tango Green
My Cup of Tea – Memphis After Dark Chocolate Mint
My Cup of Tea – Prairie Passion
My Cup of Tea – Strawberry Decaf
My Cup of Tea – Very Berry Delicious Fruit Tea
Petali Teas – Vintage Violet
Plum Deluxe – Porch Sippin Pecan
QNTM Leaf Tea – GABA Oolong
QNTM Leaf Tea – Purple Jade
Tupelo Tea – Bourbon Black
Verdant Tea – Cola Blend
Whispering Pines – Golden Orchid

Any tea that’s older was either requested or on someone’s wishlist. Everything else was purchased recently.

Thanks to everyone for being patient with me keeping it longer than usual. This was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s notes!

WHOA, that is a list of teas, Shae! Thanks

Shae said

I just placed a few orders so I had some to share. :) I think I might like putting a box together just as much as I like receiving one.

yeah, sharing teas is half the fun. :D

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Just updating to let everyone know that the box arrived from Shae today safe and sound – if no one objects, I think I will just edit this post with my removed/finished/added list because it will be easier for me to keep track as I try things…

Prairie Passion – My Cup of Tea
Caramel Rooibos Latte – Sipology by Steeped Tea
Appalachian Sunrise – Swallowtail
Clotted Cream – Adagio
Apple Refresh – Ahmad Tea
Noms Berry Delight – Cup of Te
Choc Chip Chai – T2
Very Berry Delicious – My Cup of Tea
Porch Sippin Pecan – Plum Deluxe
Strawberry Decaf – My Cup of Tea
Ice Cave Blue Tea – Harbor Tea & Spice
London Calling – Cup of Te
Ceylon Black Tea Extra Special Leaf – Elephant Chateau
Passionfruit – BLK & Bold
English Breakfast – Cup of Te
Purple Jade – QNTM Leaf
Mother of Dragons – 52Teas
Ginger Sweet Peach – Tiesta Tea
2019 Bai Mu Dan – Verdant Tea
Bourbon Black – Tupelo
Queen Catherine – Harney & Sons
Four Seasons Mingjian – Lupicia
Apple Ginger Remedy – A Quarter to Tea
Cream – Adagio
Drink Me Oolong – Plum Deluxe
Turtle Dove – A Quarter to Tea
Cola Blend – Verdant Tea
China Black (Yunnan) Tea – Simpson & Vail
2018 Shou Mei – Verdant Tea

Pineapple Old Bay – Handmade Tea
Gaba oolong – QNTM Leaf
Rocky Road – 52Teas
Vintage Violet – Petali
Four Seasons Spring Oolong – Tearunners
Apple Cinnamon French Toast – Simpson & Vail
Baklava – A Quarter to Tea
Jasmine Oolong – Teavivre
Bananas & Custard – Bird & Blend
Dreamsicle – My Cup of Tea
Memphis After Dark Chocolate Mint – My Cup of Tea
Bootleg Nilgiri – 52Teas
Key Largo Lime – Tiesta Tea
China Golden Black Silk Organic – Simpson & Vail
Keemun Congfu – Joseph Wesley Black Tea
Blue Suede Shoes Organic Wild Blueberry – My Cup of Tea
Tangerine Cupcake with Marshmallow Frosting – 52Teas
EquesTEA – Geeky Teas
Golden Orchid – Whispering Pines
Bowcaster Brew – Adagio Teas
Berry Espresso’s Beach Berry Iced Blend – Beach House Teas

Eye of Newt – DAVIDsTEA
Love Potion – A Quarter to Tea
Oshun’s Kiss – Calabash Tea & Tonic
Noni – Traditional Hawaiian Herbal Tea
Blue Moon Icecream – A Quarter to Tea
Shirley Temple – A Quarter to Tea
Saskatoon Berry – Parenteau
Prairie Berry – Parenteau
Love Potion – A Quarter to Tea
Over The Rainbow – For Tea’s Sake
Rainbow Chai – Bird & Blend
Chocolate Orange Star – Cuppa’T Specialty Tea
Bubblegum Matcha – DAVIDsTEA
Mojito Matcha – DAVIDsTEA
Mango Matcha – DAVIDsTEA
Berries & Cream – DAVIDsTEA
Playa Peach – DAVIDsTEA
Himalayan Single Origin Whole Leaf Black Assam – Elephant Origins
Fruity Pebbles Slenderizer – Tiesta Tea
Tie-Dye Butterfly – DAVIDsTEA
Carcadet Fraise Pistache – Dammann Freres
Blueberry Muffin – DAVIDsTEA
Youth Blossom – DAVIDsTEA
Pistachio Ice Cream – DAVIDsTEA
Bee The Change – DAVIDsTEA
Oolong Caramel Buerre de Sale – Dammann Freres
Apple Custard – DAVIDsTEA
Coco Colada – DAVIDsTEA
Blue Jeans & White Teas – Hella Tea
Peach Mai Tea – DAVIDsTEA
Spring 2014 Drunk on Red with Snow Chrysanthemum – Yunnan Sourcing
Iron Arhat – White2Tea
2017 Sloppy Jimbo – White2Tea
Houjicha Poire Vanille – Dammann Freres
Wintergreen – Camellia Sinensis
Unicorn Dream – DAVIDsTEA
Red Wine Apple Cake – A Quarter to Tea
Black Sunshine – Damn Fine Tea
Lychee Red with Roasted Rice – My Cup of tea (Montreal)

Also, Arby I tried to send you a PM and I’m not sure if it went through (hoping that you see this) but if you want to send me a list of teas from my cupboard that you’d like to try, I’ll start setting stuff aside this week! Can’t promise I have large enough quantities of everything to share but I will certainly try my best!

EDIT: The list of sampled/finished/added is finalized now! I think there were two teas from everyone’s lists that I missed, maybe three? Anyway, if it’s not on there I didn’t add it. I tried to get as many in there as I could though.

Actually, really, if anyone after me in the line up wants to request something in particular let me know!! I think I can still recieve messages just fine but it looks like sending them back might be an issue – hitting a wall of 503 errors.

EDIT: Adding that I know in the past an issue with traveling tea boxes has been too many DT samples so I won’t add any unless requested but as most of you know I have a pretty big inventory of DT blends so don’t be shy requesting if you want to try anything.

If it looks like I haven’t added a bunch to the box to be proportionate with what I’m tasting, including the teas requested by others, it’s just because I’m going to pack them all up on one day before I send out the box – what I have added are things that I just happened to be drinking, and it was convenient to add it in that moment.

Not doubting you, roswell! I know it’s a work in progress list until the box gets shipped out. :D

Ros, if you have any snow chrysanthemum/black tea blends I’d love to try one. And maybe a shu or Oolong from White2tea? Thanks!


Can do! :)

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Arby said

I never received a message, but we can discuss on here.

I’m almost completely out of fruity herbals to make iced teas. Anything you send along that is fruity and not overly sour or stevia-containing would be ideal for me.

I’d be interested in trying the following:
Blueberry muffin
Peach mai thai
Pistachio ice cream
Dunno if you’ve got any of these retired teas: Custard apple, Mulberry Magic, Fantasy Island, chai matcha
Also don’t know if you have any of these newer blends: Playa Peach, berries and cream, Mojito matcha, tie-dye butterfly, tropic tango, bubblegum matcha, mango matcha, youth blossom, coco colada

Carcadet Fraise Pistache


Red Wine Apple Cake
Toasted Coconut Lime
Blue Moon Icecream
Possibly other things from them. I’ve missed many of their blends in the past 2-3 years and never tried a lot of interesting ones. Only thing is that I avoid gelatine/dairy/butter and ingredients that might contain it like fudge or toffee pieces.

Cuppa’T Specialty Teas – Chocolate Orange Star
Tiesta Tea – Fruity Pebbles Slenderizer
Blendbee – Watchmaker’s Brunch
Matcha outlet – any of the flavours
Parenteau’s Gourmet Foods – Prairie Berry, Saskatoon Berry
Blue Jeans & White Teas by Hella Tea

I’ll start setting stuff aside tonight – I think I’ve got you covered for all the DT on your list except Mulberry Magic (Fantasy Island also, by coincidence, happens to be in the box already) and maybe the Chai Matcha.

Everything else should be good too, except for the Toasted Coconut Lime.

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Also amandastory516 I got your PM & should be able to add all of those!

Thank you so much!

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Tiffany :) said

Can I please ask that I be added the next time a box like this comes around? I’d love to be included!! (I live in Ohio)

Sure thing, maybe next round! Welcome to Steepster, ignore the temporary glitches. :D

Shae said


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Hi Arby – I think, sadly, that my PMs still aren’t sending so I’m hoping you can see this! I’ll be ready to ship out this box on the weekend, but I need your address first before I can send it :)

It looks like I can still receive PMs even if my messages/replies aren’t going through, so if you send me your address that way I can confirm here when I’ve seen it and then I’ll be set to pass all the tea goodies along.

Thanks Arby! I got your message! I’ll be sure to let you know when I ship it this weekend :)

Steepster has been REALLY slow moving for me all day, but just wanted to let you know Arby that the box has been sent out!

I do have tracking, but not sure how to best share it without doing so publicly and since the tracking would show your postal code I feel like that’s not best…

They told me to expect it to take 5-7 business days though, so here’s hoping Steepster starts behaving soon so we can all read your thoughts! :)

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Arby said

The box arrived today! I’ve already started steeping.

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Arby said

I’m going to be updating this list as I remove many of the DT blends that I asked for from Roswell and as I add teas from a previous TTB. If anyone wants to try any of the DT blends that Roswell added, please say so and I will not keep all of it. Else, I might keep most of the matcha and herbals.

T2 – Detox
Sullivan Street tea and spice – Mint chocolate mate
52Teas – Raspberry Cream
Tea Town Alabama – Hibiscus Splash
Rishi – Matcha ginger buzz
Rishi – Green tea mint
Art of tea – Velvet
Art of tea – Apricot escape
Love Some Tea – Tropical Sunset

Tea Hippie – Zelda’s Lullaby
Quinjiazhai 2014 sheng puer
Bird & Blend – Beet It
Teakruthi – Zen Mint (black)
DT – Cold 911
Dollar Tea Club – Bubblegum
52Teas – Gingerbread Chai
Tea Source – Mangoberry Rooibos
Banff Tea Co. – Lemon Bright Eyes
David’s Tea – Cool eucalyptus
Tea Hippie – Princess Peach Ice Cream
Dollar Tea Club – Sweet Apple Spice
Pacha – Guayusa (Chocolate flavoured)
52Teas – Lemon Ginger Cookie Oolong
Gryphon Tea Company – Nymph of the Nile
52Teas – Something Different
Tea Source – 2019 Frozen Elephant Sheng Puer
A friend of mine added these teas:
For Tea’s Sake – Let’s Do Breakfast
For Tea’s Sake – Skinny Sip
For Tea’s Sake – Shades of Earl Grey
Murchie’s – Maple chai
Teavivre – Myosotis sylvatica flower herbal (this one is older but sealed)
Four O’Clock – Almond biscotti
Chinese green tea (we can’t read the company name), it is a standard medium quality “every day” drinker with fairly large unbroken leaf pieces
Chinese green tea (sold to her as “gunpowder green”), another medium quality “everyday drinker” but I doubt it is gunpowder.
Mystery tea donated by my tea loving friend – she thinks it is Sugar Plum Spice from Celestial Seasonings – I included this because I thought some people might like to try a mystery tea.

Lupicia – Four Seasongs Mingjian
Lupicia – Tsugaru green
Cup oe Te – London Calling
T2 – Choc. chip chai
A Quarter to Tea – Turtle Dove
DT – Blueberry muffin
DT – Unicorn dream
Harbor Tea & Spice – Ice Cave Blue Tea
AQ2T – Love Potion
52Teas – High garden
52Teas – Mother of Dragons
AQ2T – Red Wine Apple Cake
Dammann Freres – Carcadet fraise pistache
AQ2T – Blue Moon Ice Cream
DT – Eye of Newt
Tupelo Tea – Bourbon Black
Verdant Tea – Cola Blend
Harney & Sons – Queen Catherine
My Cup of tea – Lychee Red with Roasted Rice
Hella Tea – Blue Jeans & White Teas
Cuppa’T Specialty Tea – Chocolate Orange Star
Plum Deluxe – Porch Sippin Pecan

Finished Off
Angry Tea Room – Mango Madness Fruit Tea
AQ2T – Shirley Temple
Plum Deluxe – Drink Me Oolong
Adagio custom – Clotted Cream
Della Terra – Caramel Oolong
Tiesta Tea – Ginger sweet Peach relaxer
My Cup of Tea – Mango Tango Green Iced Tea Pitcher pack
Tealyra – Calm Force
Udyan Tea – Darjeeling Spring

My Cup of Tea – Strawberry Decaf
My Cup of Tea – Mango Fruit Tea
DT – Apple Custard
DT – Playa Peach
DT – Peach Mai Tai
DT – Fantasy Island
Harney & Sons – Chocolate
DT – Mojito matcha
DT – Coco Colada
DT – Mango matcha
DT – Bubblegum Matcha
DT – Berries & Cream
DT – Tye-dye butterfly

Mailing Sept 25th, 2020

Hey Arby – I’m so glad the box made it to you quickly!

Just so you’re aware, these are the teas I was asked to included for other people in the box (via email). I did try to add enough for several cups where I could though, so multiple people could experience them :)

Black Sunshine- Andrews and Dunham
Houjicha Poire Vanille- Dammann Frères
Oolong Caramel- Dammann Frères
Unicorn Dream- DT
Bee the Change- DT
Lychee Red Tea with Roasted Rice- My Cup of Tea

Arby said

Will keep this in mind, thanks.

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Arby said

The box has been sent off to Amanda Sept 25 2020

For clarification, the older teas are either sealed packets or small (1-2 cups) amounts (except the one 52Teas one that is older but people seem excited to try this flavour). I hope nobody minds too much that I included some older teas. I thought some people might find the mystery teas exciting. The total weight of all of the older teas is under 100g so it shouldn’t affect shipping weight too much. IMO many older teas are just as flavourful as long as they have been stored in air tight containers.

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