2020: How much DID you spend on tea this year!?

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Random said

I thought I should go a head and see what I spent last year. I know I won’t hit anywhere near as much as many of you, but I was curious.

It ended up at $189.09 across 6 orders from 3 different companies. A significant portion of that was in the last few months as I got sucked in by some Black Friday sales.

Then I had some Amazon gift cards and spent $41.88 (not counting tax, tea wasn’t the only purchase) on the 1st (so counts for 2021) that should be showing up tomorrow. Trying a pu-erh from Teavivre to see if its something I might be interested in.

There might have been a box of Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice in there, but I can’t remember for sure.

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mrmopar said

I like you all but I will never tell…

Code for, “My retirement is currently tied up in several tongs of aging pu’erh”…

mrmopar said

Wish it was just several…..

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