PeterKB said

Help me identify this tea

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum but have been into tea for quite some time now. While I was in China I purchased this tea from an amazing tea shop in Beijing. Sadly they didn’t speak any English however so had no clue what I was buying. As you can see it comes in a traditional cake format: because of this I initially thought this was a Pu-erh but after making it I’m unsure as it produces a very lightly-coloured drink (yellowish). Taste-wise it has that “earthy” (dusty) kind of mouth feel that I’ve read that Pu-erh is described as (never tried Pu-erh), it definitely doesn’t taste like green tea. Having said that I kind of like the taste: past the dusty feel it’s actually quite interesting. A few things in summary:
- Comes in a cake.
- Leaves look dark green.
- The drink made looks yellowish (I steep it at 95 degrees).
- Taste is earthy.

Any insight on what this might be/how to steep it would be great, thanks!

ps. Attaching a few photos

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mrmopar said

Got a picture of the front of the wrapper the cake came in?

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PeterKB said

Hi, here is a photo of the wrapper:

I’ve also managed to partially translate from Chinese a leaflet that came with the tea (which I wasn’t able to do with the rest of the pack), it says the following (true the tea does taste bitter):

It’s been introduced
Jade Dew Bitter Ding for Bitter Ding Tea When the high mountain big leaf bitter Ding.
Bitter Ding tea was originally a Chinese ancient medicine, drinking two precious drinks, has the “green yellow gold” beauty
Reputation. Wild bitter tea contains rich tea polyphenols, ketones and other raw substances and ammonia
More than 200 species of base acid, sulpket c, polyphenols, flavonoids, morphine, egg white matter, etc.
Bitter tea sex cool taste sweet bitter, with the ability to clean heat detoxification, heat, anti-inflammatory and alcohol relief
。 Often drink bitter tea set has to reduce blood pressure, blood fat, lower low bile sterol, health stomach accumulation, refreshing
Wake up the brain, mind-thinking and other functions. Boiled water outside washing pair to remove acne, acne, mules, etc. have a
the therapeutic effect.
(dry tea) ink green, large leaf species, surface has a fat feel
( Soup Color ) Tea Soup Is As Emerald , Fresh Fresh Green
Scented gas , golden orange fruit fragrance , fragrance clear , strong wear
The first drink taste bitter, strong heart, the more sweet the drink, there is a feeling of bitterness, incense
Gas overflow, back taste long

Pushing the introduction of the bubble method , :
“Most tea” 3 1 5 grams, suitable for 2 13 people to drink. Also can be done according to the individual’s feeling sensing and the number of people
The alignment of the corresponding .
“Workman Tea” into the purple sand pot (or cover bowl): hot water wash tea, and then use hot water to brew;
The best tone. Can be continuously brewed 10 a 15 times.
Year: 2011
Origin: Guizhou
Storage: Remember not to put cold storage in the ice box, to pass through the wind, to prevent the bed, to prevent moisture
Clean, light-avoiding, ten dry, no odor, no stain
Shelf life limit: Suitable for long periods of storage in the environment of the con-fit storage of the pieces

mrmopar said

Looks and sounds like a sheng puer from the cake and what you translated. Enjoy that thing!

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