KathrynW92 said

Tea Shopping

What do you generally look for when looking for a place to buy tea? Do you prefer bagged vs loose leaf? Ease of making the tea? Selection? Etc. Etc. I used to work at Teavana and am genuinely curious how people choose their favorite tea place seeing as I am still looking for a new one to shop at! Thanks a ton in advance!

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If you mean brick and mortar shops, I have zero tea shops in my area, at least that I’m aware of. When Teavana was open, the only one was about 30 miles away. So for me, it has always been online tea shops. Free shipping sales help.

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LuckyMe said

For me, it’s a combination of factors. Quality being the most important, but also price, direct sourcing, and sustainable farming. I am fortunate enough to have a few physical tea shops near me, but I seldom visit aside from the occasional iced tea. All of my loose leaf teas is purchased online.

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Leafhopper said

There are a few physical tea stores where I live, but I basically do all of my shopping online, usually from vendors that specialize in a particular tea type such as Taiwanese oolong. Things that are important to me include quality, price, transparency, and good shipping rates to Canada (if the shipping isn’t free). What type of tea are you interested in?

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