Which new features do you want the most?

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LuckyMe said

The “Amount” text field in the tasting notes doesn’t allow you to enter decimals. This is frustrating because many of us use precise leaf ratios that can’t be rounded up or down.

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Arby said

Please have forum threads locked automatically after 6 months or something like that. I understand keeping the threads for those who are looking for information on something years later, but the people who made the threads are usually no longer active or the topic is no longer relevant (eg sales from years ago, companies that are no longer in business). The topics are commented on by spammers and it clogs up the front page with irrelevant posts from 5+ years ago.

I propose threads getting automatically locked after 6 months (or a year) and then you can’t comment on them anymore but you can still read them.

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Please make an app or make the site more mobile friendly! The world is even more app based than when the site was first conceived of and it would really make the site much more accessible!

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J-P said

As a new user: – the database of teas from certain users appears messy and finding teas on here with reliable tasting notes is a little confusing. There are many clones with incorrect data. Certain tea factories output a set amount of tea per year under various brands (Jia Ji, Gong-Tuo, FT Tuo,7562, V93 etc.). So that should be easily avoided.

Compounding this – ageing process and storage make tasting notes very ‘time/storage-specific’. For example; I take a look at a tea production from 2013 – someone’s written a review in 2020. So that’s a reiew of a 7 year old sheng. There’s a review from someone else from when it was only a year old. I don’t see what compression that tea was at though. How was it stored? Will the 2004 production of the same tea have reviews already uploaded… is that year of production going to have similar taste notes 7 years in? It’s useful as it can provide good info when you’re ‘buying to age’.

I look at reviews for new sheng puehr from last year or this year and hope to compare those to people’s tasting notes on the same brand of puerh back in 2005 when it was new – then to look at another review 5 years later.

Maybe having a nested structure by years for each brand. One parent and multiple children. (i.e; TEACOMPANY>BRAND>YEAR) People could see tasting notes of various releases in the same place. Also maybe a slider for storage humidity from 20% to 90%) should be added to the tasting notes. Generally just cleaning up the structure would be a great – I also appreciate that this is a LOT of work.

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abeger said

After adding several teas today, I’ve got a few features I’d love to have:

Having to email to add a new ingredient is cumbersome. It’s especially vexing when the ingredient I want (White Pine Needles) does exist in the system but has an adjective in front of it (Wildcrafted White Pine Needles) that basically doesn’t apply to the tea I’m entering. Allowing users to clean up and/or embellish tea company information would be great Allowing users to add links to where you can buy teas would be phenomenal. I would love to help folks find these teas without forcing them to do a bunch of googling.
Shae said

I’ve been adding website addresses to the teas in the product description box. You have to copy and paste but it works for me. At least until the company changes/moves/deletes the address.

Also, did you ever receive any responses to your ingredient emails? It’s been so long since I tried because I wasn’t receiving any replies there for a while.

Shae, I submitted several emails for both Ingredients and Flavors from the submission e-mail forms linked… back in 2018. They were never added to the site.

Shae said

That’s a long time to wait! They used to be pretty good about replying to those, but I guess it was abandoned some time ago.

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I’m sure it has been said, but having an app as well as a functional linking option to facebook/twitter/etc would be greatly appreciated. I’d love to easily share my cupboard on my social media to offer my friends and family samples and trades.

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