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I much prefer loose leaf tea to bags, I refuse to buy bagged tea. However, while looking at the Republic of Tea website I have seen some varieties that only come in bags that I feel I need to try.

But I don’t want to be really disappointed. How do their bags fare?

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Frankly I have never been too impressed with their teabags. Every time I buy a can I always end up regretting it.

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I echo Amy’s sentiments. Their bags are pretty sad. I love some of their flavors, especially their green rooibos blends, but, really, it takes 2 – 3 bags per cup to really get a flavorful cup.

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I order most often from Republic of Tea, and I’ve been just as happy with the bagged teas as I have been with their loose teas. I’ve tried probably thirty or forty different teas of theirs, and I’ve only had a couple I wasn’t crazy about.

Babble said

Which teas are your favorite?

My top five are probably ginger peach, blackberry sage, big green hojicha, tea of inquiry (a genmaicha), and cranberry blood orange.

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I’ve only tried one of theirs (the green pomegranate, I think it’s called) but I really didn’t like it.

Although that was back in the days before I understood things like fannings and water temperature and steep time, so I’d toss two bags into an 8oz cup and let it steep forever. Not the best way to go.

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I was thoroughly addicted to their Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea Bags at one point. This was long before I got into loose leaf tea though. I can’t remember exactly how I’d make it, but I think two bags was always a must.

It appears this particular blend is available in loose leaf as well, so I may need to give that a try sometime soon!

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