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Liz said

Would love to see an Android app. I just found and joined Steepster because I was enjoying using Untappd so much ( and thought something similar must exist for tea. I use the Untappd app all the time (use the website on the desktop pretty rarely). Sometimes I’ll have a beer just because I want to check in… Wonder if a Steepster app would drive the same kind of behavior.

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Hi i just joined to Steepster but i am addicted to tea from yers now.
I prefer oolongs and puerh’s.
I am started to develop a timer app, which should be able to handle
the gong fu sessions with multiple brewings…
So the first stage is ready.
I can use it next to my gaiwan.
The first stage is completely FREE.
You can try it and let me know your suggestions and toughts.
(The focus was on the TEA not on the eyecandy UI… :-) )

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Hi guys, is there any progress on a more mobile friendly version of the website for rating tea?

LuckyMe said

Unlikely. This thread is from 9 years (!) ago and active development on this site has ceased for quite a while. I use Simplenote to draft my tasting notes and then copy to Steepster.

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