1249 Tasting Notes

drank Yume by Lupicia
1249 tasting notes

This was from one of my lovely friends, Whiteantlers in a sachet no less.

Straight, it was sweet like a creamy life-savor with strawberry, rose, and vanilla being the noticeable flavors. There was also not astringency to be found in its smooth body. This is the kinda tea you give to your grandmother, or your mother for mother’s day. Rose, strawberry, and vanilla are the giveaways and the thing you want to look for in this tea. I might consider on trying Lupica again because of this tea.

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Thank you Luckyme! Finally got to try this!

It actually yielded several cups with about 2 grams in 3 ounces of water, seven to be precise and all of them were fairly consistent in flavor. I did not count the seconds, I just brewed by impulse that was not quite western nor Gong Fu. The third steep was a little over two minutes and the rest were closer to western. I didn’t taste as much coconut as I thought I was going to, but it was there. The tea had a strong floral and fruity smell, and had a light creaminess with a heavy nectar quality. Honey, pineapple, and other tropical fruits were the kinds of things I was tasting with the florals and slight creaminess. This tea reminded me of Hawaii.

I might have to get some of this myself eventually. I may even join their tea club….

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OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH this tea is good.

I thought that my bias toward the Wild Grey would override, but I actually like this one just as much for different reasons. This is the higher quality tea, and a lot more people would like this because it is stronger and thicker.

I started Gong Fu-ing-and the first steep was a strong bergamot balanced by strong, fatty malt. It was almost salty.

The tea got stronger in the following two steeps with more cocoa, a strong sweet potato and salted peanut fatty taste again , and than a spicy aftertaste. I accidentally made the tea closer to a western style, 40 seconds, than 55, but dang was it still good and I will get a lot more out of the steeps following.

This is one of the best Earl Grey’s I’ve had. It definitely reminded me of a chocolate orange, and I can drink this either Gong Fu or Western with great flexibility. That was what Brenden intended making it. It is also by far one of the smoothest Earl Grey’s with its strong spiciness actually coming from the bergamot in conjunction with the tea. This is the regal Earl Grey, while the Wild Grey is the more humble.


I think they are on track with producing some exceptional teas.

Daylon R Thomas

This tea itself was the number one black tea on steepster for a little bit.

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The jasmine is incredibly strong being nearly perfumey. Which I like. I like them pearls and I my white tea. But this tea was actually a bit strong for me. I tasted more of the green tea followed by the massively overwhelming hay white and honeysuckle. Then there’s the pollen which is INCREDIBLY potent. Basically, this is spring tea-sonified-gorgeous flowers and allergens included.

I’m going to try again for a weaker tea. I could have over steeped it.

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Well. This tea really does depend on the ingredients for the taste more than the tea. That taste gave it a 95, but the tea itself lowered it.


I brewed the last of this as an iced tea, with added cream and sugar. It’s a bit much, but it’s a great substitute for sweets!

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I might have oversteeped it. Flat black tea with chocolate hazelnut aftertaste. Great.

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One whiff and I think f%$^. I need more of this. Why must good things always be temporary?


I’ve started drinking Liquid Proust’s teas. This one is definitely going to be the next one that I try.


I might have to get two with my order now. Any thoughts on the watermelon one?


The watermelon is smooth and there’s a lot of the oolong flavor. I think it’s a good tea, but I might make the rest into a cold brew and/or sun tea.

Daylon R Thomas

I’ve only cold brewed the watermelon overnight once, and it was smooth and pretty similar to a Tie Guan Yin for me. I need to try it again before I judge it. The dry leaf smell, though, is great.


I noticed that after 8 steeps, the watermelon really jumps out.

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SUPER BITTER, but the flavor is interesting. It’s like a woodsy rum chai. Even after a five second flash steep it was bitter. I had to add creamer and it was pleasant. I’m honestly not going to finish a cup because of the astringency. Even the coffee I have is less bitter and roasted…but that coffee is rum, caramel, butterscotch flavored.

I’m glad I tried it, and it certainly woke me up this morning because it was a kick in your pants tea.


Yeah, I wasn’t a fan, either.

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Whiteantlers, I see why you like this Western.

I tried Gong Fu for 15 sec, but it was kinda flat. Muscatel with a bit of that black tea malt thick with tannin and bitter like dark chocolate, but flat. The teas complexity wasn’t being fully realized. I had to push out the sophistication.

Well, it was not quite as complex as I anticipated. It was, however, close to wine for a tea. At first, it was pretty similar to a darker red wine, maybe a Merlot or Chateau (I do NOT know my wines-I just turned 21 a week ago) with some of the same type of muscatel cherry and oak wood quality. Later brews out of five got smoother and closer to cocoa. Creamier texture later, but that’s about it in terms of infamous bean’s profile. I did get salty hints and maybe caramel, which a lot of you can ignore as sensualist imaginings.

Translating my verbiage into sane English, this was a malty black tea close to a dark red wine with its own nuances to a straightforward profile. It is a pretty good black tea, but I actually prefer some of Whispering Pines other selections like the Wild Grey…which surprised me. That one personally had more of the elusive “chocolate” note that I really enjoy.

I am so glad I tried it. Yet another accomplished tasting note.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

This years Jabber is going to wock your socks off ;-)

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First Off, Current Targets:

Whispering Pines Alice
Tillerman Tea Traditional Oxidation Oolong
Tillerman Tea Phoenix Village Dong Dings
Good Luxurious Work Teas
A good Qilan
Best Sachet Teas

Dislikes: Heavy Tannin, Astringency, Bitterness, or Fake Flavor, Overly herby herbal or aged teas

Picky with: Higher Oxidation Oolongs, Red Oolongs (Some I love, others give me headaches or are almost too sweet), Mint Teas

Currently, my stash is overflowing. Among my favorites are What-Cha’s Lishan Black, Amber Gaba Oolong, Lishan Oolong, Qilan Oolong, White Rhino, Kenya Silver Needle, Tong Mu Lapsang Black (Unsmoked); Whispering Pines Alice, Taiwaneese Assam, Wang’s Shanlinxi, Cuifeng, Dayuling; Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co.“Old Style” Dong Ding, Mandala Milk Oolong


I am an MSU graduate, and current alternative ed. high school social studies and history teacher. I formerly minored in anthropology, and I love Egyptian and classical history. I love to read, write, draw, paint, sculpt, fence(with a sword), practice calisthenics on rings, lift weights, workout, relax, and drink a cuppa tea…or twenty.

I’ve been drinking green and black teas ever since I was little living in Hawaii. Eastern Asian influence was prominent with my friends and where I grew up, so I’ve been exposed to some tea culture at a young age. I’ve come a long way since I began on steepster and now drink most teas gong fu, especially oolong. Any tea that is naturally creamy, fruity, or sweet without a lot of added flavoring ranks as a must have for me. I also love black teas and dark oolongs with the elusive “cocoa” note. My favorites are lighter Earl Greys, some white teas like What-Cha’s Kenyan offerings, most Hong-Cha’s, darker Darjeelings, almost anything from Nepal, Green Shan Lin Xi’s, and Greener Dong Dings. I’m in the process of trying Alishan’s. I also tend to really enjoy Yunnan Black or Red teas and white teas. I’m pickier with other teas like chamomile, green teas, and Masalas among several.

I used to give ratings, but now I only rate teas that have a strong impression on me. If I really like it, I’ll write it down.

I’ll enjoy a tea almost no matter what, even if the purpose is more medicinal, for it is my truest vice and addiction.


Michigan, USA

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