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drank 2005 Glee by Yang Pin Hao
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Surprisingly, I have yet to see anyone review this tea from the Puberty/Pubertea buy… well, I had some time to drink through tea so I pulled this one out.

Rinsed the tea and broke it up a bit manually. There’s a smell of damp grass that was recently on fire. Somewhat smoky, but muted from other smells. Beginning this tea was off putting, but I’ve known bad smells to not fully bloom into taste before so there I went.
Steep 1 I did pretty short just to know what I am dealing with. Parameters are 6g, 120ml, 92c, 5s.
Middle of the road color to the liquid came out; a dark clear yellow. Taste wise was a bit complex and light so I am unsure I can comment on it appropriately just from this steep but I can tell that this tea is not going to suck so I will approach is with a three steeping approach to give myself a better impression of this liquid that is hitting more than just the middle of the tongue but might be reaching to the upper mouth and cheeks just from the first few sips.
The next three steeps were actually quite beautiful. The leaf seemed to come alive and yet it mellowed out in this ‘soft’ way that allowed my mouth to really enjoy its precious liquid. Color started to change to a more clear orange than a darker yellow. Very slightly dry mouth feel from the disappearing smoke aspect to this tea. Leaf is looking quite dark which reflects it in all aspects. I believe this might be getting a tad thicker and the depth is starting to show, but I doubt that as most teas don’t transform to a deep sheng if they are not there by the 3rd steep… time to keep going and find out.
The following three steeps show an improved clarity to the liquid as the clear orange color is more pleasing to look at with less clouds in it. While there’s no apparent legs on the liquid as I swish it around, within my mouth there is a very defining viscosity that I am really enjoying. It is at these moments that I begin to find a mouth feel begin which wasn’t there before; even with the smoky notes. No depth is building up within the taste, but as I get use to the taste of it things are changing between this tea and me. Sweetness is slowly showing itself in hints at the end of each sip. I am hoping that it continues on decently.
Break from the tea to give myself time to let my mouth clear.
Alright, back to the tea… 95c this time… whew, this leaf is still going and even better. The lingering taste is so wonderful and the liquid hits the back of my throat in a way that is so soothing. The thickness died down a bit but that’s alright. Liquid is becoming even clearer and I am impressed by the longevity thus far. The leaf is looking really ugly and smells much different than it once did.
At this point I am incredibly pleased and will contact the private seller at some point for more.
Going to stop taking notes and enjoy the rest of it.
For reference this cost $.37 per gram.


Just finally getting into this one myself. It has a more aged feel than I expected from Kunming storage for 12 years.

I am reminded strongly of YS’s 2002 Tai Lian Yiwu.

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