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drank Coconut Island by Winterbloom Tea
3316 tasting notes

This is the final tea for this month’s sipdown challenge for me as I don’t own any yerba mate that I can recall. So a tropical tea, it is! And it is an actual sipdown – hurray!

It has been cloudy and fairly dark all day as the fringes of Tropical Storm Ian approach. It is a but windy but nothing spectacular, but still we must make preparations. I have made a big pot of soup and have filled several carafes from the water purifier and continue to filter in case flooding should take out water lines again. Honestly I think this is going to be a non-event for us, but it is best to prepare. That includes eating a lot. I mean, what if the power went out? Truly, I do not snack like this in the afternoons usually! We will not discuss evenings.

So my afternoon snack was Parle-G cookies, homemade cardamom and cinnamon frozen yogurt with graham cracker bits, and a small pot of this tea. I give these details because the food demonstrated the importance of being mindful in our pairings.

After a few bites of the spiced frozen yogurt, the tea tasted like…almost nothing. The tangy tartness of the yogurt with the lemony warmth of cardamom and rich cinnamon cancelled the tea out almost entirely. I could have been drinking warm water.

After a bite of Parle-G cookies (which taste like not too sweet waffle cone to me, the hard kind and not the styrofoamy kind) the tea was so much better. Now I tasted coconut and most notably, the base took on an extremely smokey flavor. I could hardly believe it was same tea I had sipped moments before.

The remainder of snack time was carefully orchestrated from that point on so that the order was froyo, cookie, ssssmmmokey good tea.

Cameron B.

“Truly, I do not snack like this in the afternoons usually! We will not discuss evenings.”

LOL! I feel you on the evening snackies… XD


CameronB: Night snacking is my great food downfall.

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drank Coconut Island by Winterbloom Tea
3316 tasting notes

A former student of mine went to a shop that had tons of Bellocq tea. I offered to send her samples of some of the ones she didn’t buy and in return she was going to send me a sample of Queen’s Guard. Instead, her sisters showed up today with three full pouches of tea in addition to the sample of Queen’s Guard!

I was torn between trying this or the Raspberry Champagne White but I have been enjoying Tropical Vibes from Cuppageek so I wanted coconut, plus it is partially serving as first dessert because to be honest we have been having at least two desserts or treats a night. Awful, I know.

This was YUMMY. It is so creamy and coconut-y. I know I am going to try it as a latte because it would be amazing that way.

Funny thing – I didn’t smell the leaves until after I had enjoyed several small cups of the tea, and I picked up the same very weird smell that I noticed in another tea not long ago. It doesn’t come through in the taste at all. It must have something to do with the flavoring.

I looked in old notes, and I smelled this same odd smell in Lupicia’s plain Strawberry Black Tea, which tasted great to me and everyone I know who tried it, but had a very off-putting aroma in the dry leaves.

Big bonus – Ashman loved it and it is available locally. I am pretty sure this White Coconut Creme by Art of Tea.


Tea friends are the best.

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drank Qimen by Winterbloom Tea
1577 tasting notes

It took some experimenting to get this tea where I wanted. I settled on 2tsp (sometimes heaping), 10oz, 200F. First steep rather short around 2-3 minutes, second for as long as it sat while I readied myself for the day.

Great workhorse of a tea with solid flavor, a good medium-oily mouthfeel and enough caffeine to keep me wired while dealing with electrified people. This keemun isn’t fancy but it does have the hallmarks. It’s hefty, warm and brisk but never astringent or bitter. Deeply earthy but not dirty, much like a very dark tobacco. Lots of chocolate and tons of hardwood — oaky? Oaky. Okay. Leather. Malt. Almost creamy. Blueberry-strawberry-blackberry red wine undertone lifts it up and rounds it out like a pushup bra? Wtf derk. Hints of pine wood and a fading afterthought of smoke provide a little more depth. More mineral sweet in the second infusion. The pine, smoke and mineral sweetness actually dominate when I use less leaf.

Curious, I looked up this company called Winterbloom, found it’s a tea spot in North Carolina less than a few hours’ drive from so many memories. Thanks for the big ole bag and the big ole feels, ashmanra.

Flavors: Blackberry, Blueberry, Chocolate, Cream, Earth, Leather, Malt, Mineral, Oak, Pine, Red Wine, Smoke, Strawberry, Tobacco

200 °F / 93 °C 2 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

I have been trying to send a message but Steepster will not let me! Looking forward to the box! You didn’t have to, but since you did I will be lying in wait for the post!

You have memories here in NC? Tell me more! Winterbloom is a short drive from my house, yet I go to Raleigh and Chapel Hill tea shops more often! Go figure.


One of my old love’s family lives on Lake Tillery in the Uwharrie. A different way of life and so many memories but too much drinking for me :P I never could let go the way the river rats and ’shiners do. But I did learn to waterski!

I will email you this time around :)


….dealing with electrified people????


I work with electricians. A lot of them seem to embrace uppers and/or have been electrocuted.


Oof! You’d need a lot of caffeine to deal with people like that. :)


Haha, they’re all a hoot. I love the variety.


I have been to Lake Tillery once for a day in a little motor boat, about forty years ago! It was lovely!

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