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Saved the best for last, evidently.

This was absolutely amazing – amazing enough that I would buy this in bulk just to keep a stock of it on hand. The pineapple was just so rich and sweet, almost like a candied or caramelized pineapple flavour but with just enough natural acidity/tang that it didn’t lose the realistic and natural quality of the fruit. And guys, I know you know this but I am a fucking SLUT for a good pineapple tea. Good pineapple anything, really. I really liked the hint of mint at the end too; pineapple can be such a dominant flavour that it really does often need something to counterbalance it and the cooling effect of the mint did that in a really refreshing way that didn’t lose the tropical nature of the beverage and kept it feeling super light and summery.

This is a winner.

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Another new kombucha from the Wild Tea line up…

This has been my least favourite offering from Wild Tea so far, and it’s not that it necessarily tasted bad but I just found myself really confused by the strong presence of mint in the blend paired with the lime and strawberry. I really didn’t feel like I was drinking a Daiquiri inspired drink at all – instead I DEFINITELY got mojito vibes. So, if this had been marketed as a strawberry mojito I think I would have enjoyed the profile a lot more overall. Other than that, it was quite nice though – the strawberry was so authentic and sweet, and just a really lovely overall taste. A touch of tang/acidity from the lime as well, to break up the sweetness. Well balanced trio of flavour overall.

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This one 100% just tasted like fizzy lime concentrate – which made for one hell of a sour, tart drink. I had grabbed it for something casual to sip on during my commute to work but I ended up sipping on it all throughout the work day because it was so tart I couldn’t take more than a baby sip at a time. Not MY favourite at bottled, but I agree with the company description that this would actually be pretty killer mixed into beer for more of a radler profile. Something light…

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Found a new kombucha company that’s available to me locally, and they seem to have some really interesting flavours so I scooped up their whole line up except for the ginger one, which I know from experience with other companies is something that I definitely wont like…

I feel like this was a really interesting flavour idea to me – because aren’t especially flavourful other than some really mellow sweet earthiness so I didn’t know how that would translate into kombucha at all which does have a very distinct flavour profile. And honestly I don’t even know how I would ever start trying to describe this one because It didn’t taste distinctly like ANY of the ingredients in the blend. No heavy beet notes, no robust lemon acidity/tang, and really no hint of spice from the turmeric either. It also didn’t have as much of the apple cider vinegar taste as the average kombucha and seemed pretty lightly fizzy too.

Now, don’t mistake me – while this was definitely the most non-distinct kombucha I think I’ve ever had I still REALLY enjoyed it! I mean, it was mellow and I feel like because it had such a small amount of so many things going on with it that you could pair it with such a diverse mix of stuff and it would still work out for you. I know that for me, I was drinking this alongside a really nice pear, pecan, and gorgonzola flatbake with a balsamic drizzle – I liked that this didn’t compete with the strong notes of the food I was eating, but didn’t get lost either.

Yeah – definitely a weird one.

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