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A blend of passion fruit and vanilla… but really it’s mostly passion fruit.

I do like the flavour of the passion fruit in the blend; this may not make sense but it sort of “taste yellow” with a nice amount of supple sweetness. Not really tangy/acidic like some passion fruit interpretations are, but still has a nice accuracy to the flavour despite that. I just wish there was less of it because it really swallows up the vanilla flavour in a way that makes it feel like more of an afterthought.

I suppose that if I was expecting that flavour balance I would probably enjoy the blend though – but seeing as vanilla is more prominently in the name that was really the flavour I expected to come through the most.

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Fairly green and grassy with a bit of a roughness around the edges when it comes to the quality of the oolong tea base, but not too shabby for a bagged tea. The pomegranate is light and more just reads as a soft red fruit note. Reminds me a bit of the pomegranate tea that Harney & Sons carries – it’s been so long though that I can’t remember if it’s an oolong that they have or maybe a white tea!? Maybe it was one of each – I don’t know.

Daylon R Thomas

It’s a Tiegaunyin base.

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I ended up getting called in to work for an afternoon to handle some unexpected QC approvals over my break/vacation – this was one of a handful of teas from this brand that I found randomly in the office kitchen that I ended up drinking over the course of that afternoon.

(Don’t worry – I’ll make up the lost vacation time at some point in the future.)

It’s pretty standard for an Earl Grey and not bad at all. Very heavy handed on the bergamot though, and that’s not really a taste that I love. I wish I would have had milk at the office because this was intense and full bodied enough that I think it would have took a hearty splash of milk so perfectly.

Oh well.

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