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I think this has to be a tea ordered from a larger company and repackaged. I’m pretty sure all the teas from this brand are in that category, which makes it easy to replace when a smaller distributor goes out of business, which is what led me to this brand to begin with.
I like this tea. It’s an enjoyable cup that has resteeped well and kept me company while I slog through the post holiday feast mess left in my kitchen. Sip tea, pick through the turkey carcass I put in the instant pot over night, sip tea, vacuum pack the extra salmon I smoked yesterday, sip tea, pack the smoker up, sip tea, do a load of dishes. I love the puerh base. It has a depth to it that I appreciate and the caramel toffee flavors pair well with it to make a smooth cup. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, but at the same time I’m really appreciating it. Thank you tea for helping me get through this workload!

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Sounds nice!

Lexie Aleah

I’ve had this one and enjoyed it as well. Yeah it’s from Metropolitan tea or something because a lot of shops sell it under their own.


Been a while since I’ve browsed Metropolitan Tea’s selection (I used to get mine from Culinary Teas). They do flavors well.


Is Culinary Teas still around? Going to have to google that now!

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First time ordering from this company. They had a cinnamon almond tea that I was hoping to be a match to an old favorite and I picked up a couple other blends because why not! The website is White Pines Estate, but the tea is labeled as Ellen’s Tea House. I think the Estate is a bed and breakfast and Ellen’s is the tea service and retailer attached to the B&B.

The flavors in this aren’t as rich and pronounced as I prefer, but the balance of the flavors is great. The pu base is nice and earthy which compliments the chocolate notes and the brighter flavored peppermint fills in the top notes. It works really well to where no flavor is overpowering the other. They all kind of merge into one. As it cools I enjoy the cup a little more. So far I’m pretty happy with this pick!

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