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drank Dragon Well by Valley of Tea
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Thanks to LuckyMe for this tea!

I have heard great things about dragon well teas, and this one lived up to the expectation!

The flavor is great—coconut, pinapple, and later pistachio.

It was actually pretty similar to the last oolong I had by Eco-Cha, Shan Lin XI Hight Mountain.

Overall, this was a good tea.

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The dry leaves smelled so appeaing – like honey and flowers. The smell reminded me a little bit of a formosa oolong. The leaves are very long, twisted back on themselves, and look pretty oxidized for a first flush, with a color that has brown, gold and green mixed in.

I am having a little bit of a hard time describing the flavor, and the words that are coming to me are “high” and “clear” – which makes little sense. You can officially call me crazy now. The flavor is definitely light and subtle and might actually remind me of a formosa oolong in flavor as well due to the natural sweetness of the tea.

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I think I understand what you mean. There are some teas that make me think of wide open spaces in the summer or fall. It’s a flavor I really like.

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