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Need to try this one hot again before I review it but I tried cold-brewing it and didn’t love it that way. Prepared this way I could actually taste the base tea but not really any of the other ingredients. I might have tasted a bit of rose in the aftertaste. It was floral but the fruit didn’t come through at all in the coldbrew.

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Made a small pot of this one to drink with a family member. It’s a small local company that donates some of its proceeds to charity. A friend actually introduced me to this company with one of their other blends. I picked up a small bag of this one since it seemed like the most interesting blend that they offered. and has banana in it.
Unfortunately, the green base tea isn’t the best and the chocolate flavor is sort of muddled and artificial. There is a slight banana flavor but it kind of gets lost under the chocolate notes and the base tea. One thing I haven’t tried is sweetening the tea and adding milk. Perhaps this tea wasn’t meant to be drunk plain and unsweetened? I never even thought to try it with milk and sweetener because of the green tea base. The packaging for their teas is quite fun and each tea is based on or inspired by a character.

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This was both a new tea and a new tea company to me. The company says there’s strawberry, rose, apple, and blueberry in this fluffy blend that smelled like deliciously fruity potpourri. I’m not sure I picked out any of the flavors individually, but together, they made a sweet fruit punchy melange that satisfied my need for dessert nicely!

Another sample courtesy of the lovely Lexie Aleah!

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