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Smooth pleasant taste. I prepared it in a diffuser and mixed it 2 parts tea one part skim milk.Better as an afternoon tea than a morning tea imo.

190 °F / 87 °C 6 min, 15 sec

I prefer my chai either 1st thing in the morning or last at night… depending how much time I have in the morning to relax w/ my tea since I always make a 16oz cuppa.


I drink Chai in the am as well and this is the one that I drink. The rush of the spices greets me in the way coffee used to do. They also have a very good customer service. Honestly, I order the caffiene free and mix it with a Darjeeling, it’s very smooth.

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This is a note on the caffeine-free version, which is in fact tea-free. There’s another caffeine free version with rooibus. I’ve just brewed up 2 quarts of this on the stove top. It has whole spices and big stringy pieces of ginger. The flavour is dominated by ginger, and it is hot!!! There’s something lacking though, oh yes, tea!

I read somewhere that you make this then heat it up and use it instead of water for black tea, avoiding the stewed tea effect of boiling tea leaves. I’ve just used Darjeeling that had already been steeped 3 times, and it’s obviously not robust enough to handle this heat. It needs a strong tea. But there are only so many hours in the day to drink caffeine. What to do? I may try this with a vanilla honeybush. That might be lovely.

Actually I’ve tried and prefer the black tea version of this. The spices are very forceful and easily mask the stewed black tea flavour, but the black tea gives body, which this lacks.

My favourite caffeine-free chai is Numi’s Ruby Chai, which is not as firey but has more nuances of flavour. When you want hot, hot, hot, this is great though! I’ve haven’t added milk or sugar, which would tame it somewhat.

Edited to add: now I’m drinking this with Teavana’s honeybush vanilla and it’s really good. Plus, the spiciness seems to have given me a big endorphin boost!

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This is the most bold and delicous chai that I have ever tasted. The chai spices come to you in huge pieces—-mostly whole. They are fresh and delicious. It requires a bit of a production to prepare this properly, but it is well worth it. This ain’t no wimpy chai and it packs a lot of heat from the ginger and other spices. However, it can really stand up to the milk. Further, if you add both milk and a bit of French Vanilla creamer to the cup, it becomes the most creamy and delicous dessert chai EVER.

Boiling 8 min or more

I love Chai, always have I make mine with the black tea and spices, but I have never tried french vanilla creamer in it! I am going to have to now!

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