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Some teas are just plain yummy. This is one of them. Vanilla/creamy/green tea goodness.

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Got some of this from Golden Moon…it’s bagged and comes in clear little plastic pouches. As of late, I must say that all the hate for bagged tea is becoming unfounded, they are wrapped in plastic and/or foil wrapping which stops aroma from seeping out and the tea getting stale, the quality of ingredients have increased greatly, with full large leaves loosely packed in the individual bags, and the flavors and blends have become more exotic and interesting. This tea is another example of just that.

The bagged tea, though looks plain, smells delicious, like green and genmaicha, a rich matcha aroma and a hint of vanilla. Infused one bag in 8 ounces of water, hot, three minutes, no additives.

The tea smells much the same as the bag. The liquor is a very pale green. The flavor, like so many good blends, comes in layers. The first sip starts with genmaicha, a hint of green, then vanilla, then matcha, finished with the toasty rice flavor of genmaicha again. After you swallowed the tea, there is a sweet minty aftertaste. The taro and honeybush flavors are not in the layers, they are smoothly blended amongst the other flavors and hardly detectable amongst the other flavors. This tea is complicated and delicious. I finished the whole cup before I even knew it. I tried to resteep the bag, and it was much weaker, but still drinkable.

Overall, this tea was fantastic, I am very excited I still have another bag to enjoy later.

3 min, 0 sec

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Anyways. This is a deep earthy blend with a mint pick me up at the end. They use a roasted mate so the base has those kinds of deep earthy qualities that are accented well by chocolate. The chocolate and mate do become pretty indistinguishable from one another as the brew cools but I thinks that’s pretty expected considering it is a bag tea so they couldn’t put any REAL chocolate in. The mate does retain that mineral earthiness under the chocolate tones which is nice because it makes you know you’re getting the actual mate flavor instead of just flavoring that exists on top of it.

This is the second tea I’ve tried that blends a pepper mint with a toasty flavor base and I really think that this is a great flavor combination in general. It lets your mouth feel refreshed after drinking what admittedly is a very gritty tea. I always think mates taste great while I’m drinking them but leave me feeling like I want to brush my teeth. I know, I’m weird. The mint at the end does help stave off that feeling and perks up the flavor profile nicely.

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

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This is sooo good. So good it got me wondering what a Kava is and where can I invest in some to roll around in happily with my truck of coconuts and barn of dairy cows.

The roasted mate and rooibos give this tea a round earthy base that is smoothed out by the coconut and the cream. Together it reminds me of toasted coconut candies. I’m still not sure what kava tastes like but this has a note of something sweet. I just looked up what kava tastes like naturally and that appears to be saw dust so that is not what ever is sweet. But in any event this is the best bagged tea I’ve had. They flavors compliment perfectly.

I LOVE this tea.
- full review at www.mad-tea.com didn’t want to clutter here with wiki researching

Boiling 5 min, 30 sec

Last time I tried anything with Kava I couldn’t think straight for about 2 or 3 hours! This won’t be a tea that I will try. Ever since then, I avoid Kava. It was like being drunk, but not in a good way.


That sounds wonderful!

@fcmonroe Both coffee and cigarettes have given me similar experiences… not fun. I try to avoid both in the evening if I’m already feeling tired. Thankfully, tea has never done that to me.


Wow…yum! This sounds worth a try. Also, I like the name Tiger Wing Tea. I’m such a sucker for cool packaging and labels.

Madison Bartholemew

@LENA … yes YUM YUM YUM and they have the funnest packaging I’ve seen in a long time. Totally awesome.
@fcmonroe you’re right apparently kava actually can mess with the chemicals in your brain so I’m surprised more people don’t understand to be cautious.

Madison Bartholemew

CHAroma… I am only going to say this once. I will be deleting your comment.

It is rude beyond imagining to imply that I am STUPID enough to not look at what I am putting into my body before I drink it. And I will now imply that you are quite silly for buying it before the research and therefore being shocked by the medical implications.

And secondly, how dare you link to your, must be more useful, post of a vaguely related tea with one common ingredient. Quit fear mongering about ingredients and experience something.

I fear death and leaving a pristine corpse. Mine will be mangled and I will enjoy every second of it.


Sorry for trying to spread facts about a tea that could hurt you. Next time I’ll let you suffer your mangled corpse in peace.

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