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Nearly forgot I had a thermos of chilled green with a little honey. It’s pretty good, quite refreshing.

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I’ve got my brew times and leaf/water ratio dialed in better this time.

Starting at 15 sec and moving in +5 sec intervals.

Grass, smoke, a little astringency on the finish. Sort of basic green tea but much more flavor than bagged. Plus there’s a smoky kick on this one.
More sediment than I would like but I paid like 2-cents per gram so I can live with a double rinse before brewing. Someone remind me to rinse this a few times before I brew!

Flavors: Astringent, Grassy, Smoke

175 °F / 79 °C 6 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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This time cold brewed for 18 hours, producing a nice mild and smooth green tea experience with a little smokiness on the finish. Bumped a couple points, thinking the first Gongfu just had far too many leaves in it.

Flavors: Pepper, Smoke, Smooth

Iced 8 min or more 10 g 32 OZ / 946 ML

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Picked up at the local Asian Market.
Gongfu style, one wash.

1st Infusion – 40 seconds:
Huh, it’s green tea. Strong. There are slight smoky vibes but that’s mostly in the nose. There’s some long finish but I cannot tell if it’s the tea or the curry I had for dinner.

2nd Infusion – 40 Seconds:
I kept the infusion time the same to avoid oversteeping. The quality is pretty much the same as the first, I’m noticing more of the smokiness and honestly it has some cigarette notes to it that I do not find pleasant.

3rd Infusion – 30 Seconds:
I’m experimenting with the time on this one to see if I’m leaving the tea for too long before pouring. I noticed the end of my last cup has quit a lot of residue, maybe I should second wash before steeping. This one ended up lots better, with a little of vegetal flavor and smoother body. I’ll have to start this one off with two washes and a 15-sec infusion time and work up from there. Medium astringency on the tounge.

4th Infusion – 60 Seconds:
Water is a bit clearer now, same mouthfeel. This seems to be a pretty run of the mill green tea, a little coarse, and probably quite versatile.

Reading other reviews, I may have used too much leaf on this one by following my standard process and the included instructions.

Hey for $1.60 per 100g this is easily 10 x cheaper than a nice green tea I have purchased in the past. I would more-happily drink the good stuff but on a budget, not bad. Better than Lipton green! Good to have a standard to separate low from high quality tea.
I may have to change my review after sampling more of this tea, there is certainly enough of it in the box I bought.

Flavors: Bitter, Grass, Smoke, Sweet

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 30 sec 5 g 6 OZ / 180 ML

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No notes yet. Add one?

Flavors: Dark Bittersweet, Smoke

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 17 OZ / 500 ML

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Smoky. Strong. Cheap.
Hoping this will kick me over my afternoon slump.

Flavors: Grass, Smoke

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Not a fan TTb. As much as I love green tea, this is one that I’ve never really liked. I keep trying but it’s just never gotten a special place on my palate. Hay and grass. This one seems a bit old to me. I’m not getting as much flavor out of it as I feel like I should be. Maybe its the intense hay flavor I’m not liking so much that this one usually reminds me of.

On a side note. If you ever get a chance to go to the Temple of Heaven, do it! It’s amazing.

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I used to buy this tea in the Asian grocery store long before I ever bought a tea online, before I even knew that green teas required lower temperature. I loved it then, so when I saw it on Amazon while I was putting together an order I picked one up. The Amazon price was rather high but I bought it anyway. I think I paid $6.50 or so. It sells in the Asian market for less but my Asian market has not had it in a while. My first attempt at this today was botched and tremendously over brewed so I dumped it and started again. This time I lowered the water temp to 160 degrees, dropped it to 2 tsp leaf, and lessened the steep time to 30 seconds. I got a nice tasting, somewhat floral cup with the right light yellow/green color, not the dark brew I got with 3 minutes and 3 tsp leaf. I don’t think I would buy this again at Amazon, but it is a good indication of how my tastes for tea have changed. I used to over brew this tea on purpose because I thought at the time that all tea deserved a dark color.

I brewed this one time in a 16oz Teavana Glass Perfect Tea Maker/Gravity Steeper with 2 tsp leaf and 160 degree water for 30 sec.

2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

I still have a little bit of mine. If you ever try cold-brewing, it’s makes a great iced tea.


I will have to try that.


I like finding new teas in asian supermarkets. I regularly buy the imperial choice cooked pu erh tea bags to drink at work.


Hahaha, I bought this at a Vietnamese market and oversteeped it to get that dark color you were talking about. :P

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This was the first gunpowder in my collection. It’s stronger than my pinhead gunpowder, and maybe a little less smoky. I don’t taste the grassiness that has been mentioned by others, but maybe it’s because I have limited experience…when I see grassy, I think Japanese green tea, and this is nothing like that. It’s actually smoother than the pinhead gunpowder, although, I have to say, I enjoy the pinhead’s bitterness. This tea is also quite a bit cheaper, making it a nice alternative. I definitely recommend it for those of you that like Chinese gunpowder green teas.

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Cheap tea!

I don’t mean that in a bad way. I got a half pound box of this for $1.99 in China Town.

I’ve tried this tea so many ways. Iced, cold brewed, hot, mixed with stuff and in the end, I prefer it hot with mint (like a sort of Moroccan Mint without the sugar) or cold brewed with fresh fruit (straining the fruit and tea leaves out after). The gunpowder green is robust enough to not be overpowered by the mint or fruit.

By itself, the tea is pretty good. A little bit smokey. It’s not the highest quality tea, but for $1.99, I’m not expecting it to be. For the price point, it’s a really good deal.

One negative is it’s very dusty, so even after straining, there is a bit of sediment on the bottom of my cup.

Flavors: Smoke

Mister The Pigeon

Pigeons like sediment. I might try it just for that.

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brew 2:30, 3:00 etc. longer/hotter 4-5 times

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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