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drank Sleepless Sencha by TeaHaus
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This tea reminds me of sweet tarts. Orange mixed with green tea tends to do that for me. Unfortunately, I’ve never been much of a sweet tarts fan. Nor a fan of the similar rockets, candy jewelry, etc. So, it misses the mark with me.
Still, the flavour has a nice strength and balance. It’s a good tea, I think. Just not the right sort of profile to make me the happiest.

2 min, 15 sec

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Brewed a heaping tsp of this tea in cup using a tea ball, and the old secret I learned of using boiling water and an ice cube to temper. (Thus, temperature isn’t marked as I’m not quite sure exactly what it averages out to, only that it works decently for the job at hand.)

I’m not at all surprised to find orange flowers on the ingredients list for this tea. It seems like most Christmas teas have some sort of orange or another in them. However, this one is not the spiced orange that one finds repeatedly in this tea’s seasonal black cousins.

Almond appears to be the predominant taste, though with the idea of orange on my mind (even if it is just the petals), I found it reminding me of orange and vanilla. There’s a nice hint of sweetness and fruitiness as well, and while I can’t quite taste the tea, I think it has a depth that comes from the flavour that doesn’t quite catch the attention of my tongue.

I would like the taste to perhaps be a bit stronger, but I’d be afraid of brewing for much longer with the green tea. Perhaps I might up it to two or two and a half minutes another time, however.

Overall, a nice, mild tea with an almond taste that stays with you long after you drink. I can see it going horribly wrong and turning into perfume very easily, but this tea has managed to stay on the good side of the line and for that, it’s done an excellent job.

1 min, 30 sec

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