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drank Christmas Blend by Tammy's Teas
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There’s a store here in town that sells what I believe is Metropolitan Tea Company tea and the store calls the teas Tammy’s Teas. I have had a few of them now and they are pretty good. I’ve been quite pleased by them. Sometimes I get a dud, but most of the time they’re not bad.

So, last Christmas I got this one and was hoping for the best as it smells amazing! I don’t have an ingredients list for this one, but I do believe this one has oranges, black tea, almonds, strawberry, either rose hips or hibiscus (I think it’s rose hips as I’m not getting the grossness that hibiscus usually gives me), lemongrass… And honestly, that’s about all I can name for sure.
It is absolutely delicious. It’s hard to explain what it tastes like. It’s almost like a root beer smell… but with cinnamon and spice. And it tastes heavenly. I’m very happy about this purchase. I’ll probably go back and try to get more of it this year if it’s for sale.

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