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This is an interesting blend. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell you this was a green tea if it hadn’t been labeled as such.

The dry leaves smell more like a Cinnamon Jolly Rancher with a clove twist. When brewed up, this tea takes on many different flavors. Each time I have steeped up a cuppa, the flavor has been different. You can always taste the cinnamon but sometimes the tea has a more muddled taste than others. I’m not sure if it was me not shaking up the pouch enough or what was going on. Regardless a very interesting cuppa and one that I want to spend more time with. I think if I can experiment with the steeping parameters enough this tea could be a knock out.

This particular tea was part of the Stylish Ave monthly subscription box.

Haley Dee

Would you recommend? What ingredient makes it “with a twist”? I’m really into cinnamon/chai flavors (- licorice) so this interests me


I think the twist is that this is a Green Chai with citrus notes? I’m not really sure. I didn’t pick up any citrus notes when I drank it. My boyfriend and I shared several cups of this (we both had the same shared thoughts) and it was a very interesting/confusing tea. I brewed this up in my Breville On Touch so I know it wasn’t a water temperature deal. I just read another review of the box and their view was completely different than mine so maybe its me and my tastebuds. They said it reminded them of Christmas. Not what I was getting. I’ll send you a PM of the other review so you can see what they said about the teas.

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