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drank Iced Green Tea: Peach by Steaz
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We got this in an Imperfect food delivery box. We didn’t order it, but sometimes we get extra stuff for some reason.

This is very peach-forward. After the strong peach flavor, I can pick out the sugar. The can says “lightly sweetened,” but it tastes almost like a sweet tea to me. It’s an 18 oz can and has 20 grams of sugar.

I can’t make out the green tea flavor at all. It doesn’t taste bad… but it’s disappointing. I’m glad we didn’t pay for it.

Flavors: Peach, Sugar

Mastress Alita

Funny, I was looking up a (completely unrelated, in no way peachy) tea on Amazon and this popped up as a result. Wonder if they are desperate to sell it, heh.


@Mastress Alita LOL, could be.

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So steepster still isn’t working. I’m about to form a prayer circle on tumblr for our little site’s well being.)

Well, here’s another of these, and probably my last. (Unless I do the Half and Half but that stuff was so nasty the first time I may not drink the two I have left)

Anyway, this is a really juicy peach flavor. I mean it. Super juicy peach. I love the peach in this. It’s sweet and ripe and slightly musky (but not overly so) and just mm mmm mmm. However, like the others, it’s not tea. It reminds me more of the flavor of a real peach smoothie (but just plain thin liquid). This supposedly also has lemon in it, but I don’t taste it over the peach.

Overall, this is one I would buy again. Not as tea, I don’t know how many times and ways I can say this isn’t tea, but as a refreshing peach cocktail that’s just the right mix of stonefruit musk and sweet juicy and is so dang tasty.

Flavors: Peach, Stonefruit, Sweet


This one sounds good, even if it doesn’t taste like tea. :)

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Another quickie review because Steepster is being stubborn

Whereas I have stated all these Steaz Iced Teas taste like fruit cocktail, this one is different… primarily because I have never even heard of Lemon Ginger cocktail! I still taste no real tea, but this is definitely lemon ginger. The lemon is refreshing but not overpowering or tart and the ginger? You don’t taste it as much as you feel it. There’s that strong ginger tingle that comes with this. You can taste it a bit, but the tingly feeling is that really gives the ginger away. The flavor isn’t too too weak, but it also isn’t lemon pledge sickening strong either. It’s just a nice mellow lemon with ginger.

As I stated (like the others), it isn’t tea. None of them are. But this one is the closest with the flavor being something that would actually be included in a tea. Out of all of them that I’ve had, this is the one I might actually re-buy. I bet it would work wonders on an upset stomach. Very refreshing and tasty.

Still not tea though.

Flavors: Ginger, Lemon

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This one’s just a quickie review.

Much like the others of these I have reviewed, there is little to no actual tea flavor present. They all seem to taste like plain fruit drinks. Well, this one doesn’t just taste like a plain fruit drink, it tastes like a watered-down plain fruit drink. I can taste the pomegranate and blueberry, but the flavor is rather weak. The best way I can describe it is if someone took a pom/blue cocktail drink, poured it over ice, and let it sit for 20 minutes before drinking. That’s exactly what it tastes like. Once more the best quality of this is that it’s cold and wet, isn’t plain water, and helps cool me down (my apartment is very hot in the summer). It’s refreshing, but then so is a glass of ice water.

Not good. Can’t recommend this one at all.

Flavors: Berry

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Well, I’m currently cleaning. And I’m thirsty. So I’m having another can.

This time, it’s the sugar-free Raspberry. It’s ice-cold and hopefully refreshing.

It doesn’t smell like anything really in the can so we’ll head straight to taste. Taste is… well it’s not tea. That’s not even close to tea. Isn’t this supposed to be a green tea drink? This has the approximate flavor of Raspberry Royale if you put a bunch of stevia in it and then removed any hint of actual tea. It’s just sweetened raspberry something.

I see that this technically contains 1% Juice. I didn’t even know there was a possibility to add 1% juice but there’s no juice flavor. It’s just bleh. But, in this case, it’s cold and wet and serves a purpose. The stevia is strong and the flavor very fake but it’s making me less thirsty so I suppose that’s a plus. I can’t say I recommend it though. It’s really not good.

Flavors: Artificial, Raspberry

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Hmmm… You know, out of the four or five new teas I’ve tried lately, I think all but one I’ve had to add? Odd.

Anyway, so guess what. Quick story.

I’m not rich.
Spectacularly not rich.

Because of this, when I get extra money, I tend to get excited and try new things that I normally couldn’t afford. And, long story short, that’s how I ended up buying a bunch of new organic iced tea cans to try!

This is the third one I’ve had, but the first I’ve reviewed. I don’t know why but I didn’t think to review the other two. If I have duplicate cans, I’ll go back and do it, but I’m not trying to do them from memory. I do know that I liked the Gojiberry one and didn’t like the Half n Half one, but besides that, I’m not writing reviews.

So here’s this. This is the “Super Fruit” can that I got, and I’m telling you now, I didn’t realize this had sugar in it. When I grabbed these, I saw the first can said “Zero Calorie” and thought they were all sugar-free and just went wild. So hopefully this doesn’t cause issues with me!

So the smell in can is very tart. You can literally smell the tart. (This should be interesting.) It doesn’t smell bad though so we’ll try it.

Taste is… wow, not as tart as I thought. It’s actually pleasantly balanced. There’s a hint of tart, but it’s nice. The sweetness is right at the edge of too much but doesn’t cross the line. It isn’t what I’d call “Lightly Sweetened” though. The fruitiness, on the other hand, is mild but still very present. The only thing I’m sad about here is the green tea base. Maybe it’s because of how much Matcha I’ve been drinking, but the green tea in this is very subdued. There’s no grass flavor at all. I’d be interested to know what kind of green tea they used, but considering this is a mass-produced product, it’s likely not high or even mid-grade. At least it isn’t bitter, but that could be the sugar.

This is very refreshing. On a hot night like tonight, I welcome the splash of fruit in this. It’s not overpowering and it’s sweet enough for my tastes. All in all good stuff. I’m going to have to try more of these Steaz teas. I think I have at least half a dozen more cans in the fridge of differing flavors. I’ll try to remember to review them all as I go.

Till next time!

Song of the Moment:

Flavors: Fruity, Sweet, Tart

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I had this the other day and quite enjoyed it. It’s just like how it sounds: fresh coconut water combined with green tea. You can’t really go wrong.

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drank Iced Green Tea: Peach by Steaz
639 tasting notes

I’ve had a few of these Steaz drinks, and this is probably my favorite. The peach flavor is very nice. There’s just the right amount of sugar added to make it sweet and delicious without being super sweet or sugary. This is a refreshing drink.

I really don’t get much (if any?) green tea flavor. It mostly tastes like peach juice, although maybe not quite as strong as true pure peach juice would be. I like it, and it’s a nice drink to enjoy in the afternoons at work. But I also probably wouldn’t recommend it to tea drinkers since it doesn’t truly resemble tea (in my opinion).

Flavors: Peach

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I purchased this from my local produce market because of the words “lightly sweetened” on it. Usually RTD teas are much too sweet for my liking and should be marked with the words: “very heavily sweetened to the point of numbing the taste buds from any discernible tea taste.”

I also liked that this one was organic and fair trade and that the ingredient list was just five ingredients long. However, as cane juice is the second of those five ingredients, that was a little less encouraging for me. Even more unsettling was the fact that green tea was the last ingredient on this list of five. WHAT?

I still decided to try it.

Unfortunately, this is not as “lightly sweetened” as I would have liked it to be. I tasted much more sweetener and lime than I did green tea. BUMMER

That said, it is a tasty and refreshing drink. I do like that it’s not as heavily sweetened as most RTD drinks, but that doesn’t mean that it should be called tea. It’s not as heavily sweet as say, a cola would be, and I’m not experiencing that feeling of having my teeth coated by syrupy sweetness. I’d prefer to drink this over a can of soda. But that’s not saying a lot because I’d rather not drink a can of soda at all.

This seems to be marketed more towards those who are looking to incorporate green tea into their diets but don’t really like green tea. You know what I mean? If you’re a fan of green tea and are trying this hoping to taste the green tea, you might end up disappointed as I was.

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Some of these Steaz drinks have been surprisingly delicious and others have been horrid. This one is pretty good. It doesn’t really taste like tea though. It just tastes like fruit juice. But it’s organic and cold and thirst quenching and that’s all I really need it to be at the moment.

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drank Iced Green Tea: Peach by Steaz
123 tasting notes

I found this very tasty – lots of peach flavor and not too sweet. But it has almost no tea in it.

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Woke up late for class, travel tumbler was unwashed, went to school without tea. Nooo! But we have these new “healthy” vending machines that had cans of this flavored green tea, so I thought I would try it out. It was tasty, but definitely not tea. It was more like raspberry and sugar substitute water. More like a watery juice than tea. If there was any green tea flavor, it escaped me. It’s too overpriced for a can of non-tea, so I won’t be getting it again. I did finish the can that I had, though, because I was thirsty and it wasn’t bad for a watery juice.

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drank Iced Green Tea: Lemon by Steaz
639 tasting notes

Wow, this is just awful. It’s very flat tasting, like a coke that’s lost all its carbonation. Is this supposed to be carbonated? Blech. It’s such an awful sensation to drink something that’s gone flat. Although, I’m not really sure why tea would be carbonated in the first place.

On to the actual flavor, this tastes like barely flavored water. There’s no green tea taste whatsoever. There’s a very slight hint of lemon, but it’s not very distinguishable as natural lemon. It’s just sort of weird and chemical-y. Eww. This is just really bad. There’s nothing redeemable about it at all.

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I almost forgot that I did have this about a week ago. At first I was expecting something sweet. I have no idea why because both limes and pomegranates are the complete opposite of sweet. (Especially if you like the bitter pomegranate seeds like I do)

It was a nice light white tea with lime. The pomegranate taste was on the aftertaste side which made me sad. I was hoping the pomegranate would be the more dominant flavor with a lime aftertaste. I think this pairing would go better with a green tea, but the white tea is nice.

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drank Iced Green Tea: Peach by Steaz
557 tasting notes

Backlog #1: All I remember about this was that I was really tired of HonestTea tasting like flat tea with lots of sugar and I was thirsty after work. So, I decided to try the big canned tea by Steaz and I do love peach.

This was surprisingly tasty! It actually tasted like tea with a big punch of peach in the background. Well, it was more like peach with a green tea aftertaste. But, it actually tasted like tea and even though it was sweetened, it did not taste like canned tea.

They have some more flavors so I think I’m going to make a point of trying them all because you do get tired of water all of the time. And sometimes you don’t have the energy (or want) to brew and drink hot tea.

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drank Orange Energy Drink by Steaz
2977 tasting notes

Fake orange flavor + metallic, medicinal aftertaste. What was I thinking?

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