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Discovered this stuff at the back of the top of the beside-the-microwave tea cupboard where my mother keeps most of the bagged non-Tetley tea she doesn’t drink regularly. (Not to be confused with the large beside-the-dishwasher cupboard we actually call “the pantry,” which is loaded with a horrifically embarrassing amount of my loose leaf.)

I recall, at one point, having bought this stuff for myself and having hoarded it. It was my own Earl Grey because EG was one of my favourite Tetley bags, but people kept drinking it up before I could have much, so I bought my own.

It’s a drugstore brand. I had to add it to the database, and, needless to say, I don’t have a picture. I think it smelled better at one point.

But you know what? It’s actually still much better than Lipton.

I’m getting half-way down the cup where the honey has a little more influence (dumb stuff, honey, doesn’t seem to like to dissolve), and it might even be approaching nice by the bottom. I’ll see.

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