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Last tea of the day.

This is something that one of my coworkers owns; she’s big on teas with “functional ingredients” and classes a lot of her tea by what it’s supposed to be good for – sleep, digestions, focus, etc.

I asked her to recommend something that I could take home with me after work to steep to help me relax/unwind after running errands all evening and this was her recommendation. For a tea bag, it’s actually got quite a nice and clean/clear taste to it! Strongly tulsi, which actually is a super soothing/relaxing flavour for me so I appreciate the intensity of it. Apart from the tulsi, the lavender/rose/floral combo is actually pretty strong but well balanced and pleasant. More rose than lavender, I would say. I’m into it! I mean, I don’t typically get super into functional/wellness teas and it’s not how I shop tea/seek out tea but I guess I can appreciate when my experience with one of those types of teas lines up with what it’s supposed to do. That’s definitely not always the case…

And, of the “wellness” tea sort of tea marker – I’d say sleep/digestion are probably the two more reasonable sort of claims/catagories. If that makes sense…?

Point is; I enjoyed the taste of this tea (which is the most important part) but it also did help me relax and unwind, which was an added bonus. Perhaps I "unwound’ too much; I’m not sure that I’m making much sense right now…

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