S Thirty Tea 珊十茶堂

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Edit: I burned a partial stick of Shoyeido’s Nan-kun today which wasn’t notable, mainly because I can’t seem to distinguish any of these sticks apart, but I also peeled an orange. After a while, I came back to my room and it smelled almost exactly like this tea did: a medicinal, caramel-tinted, orange. Not sure what happened, but was surprised, to say the least.

2.4g, boiling, thermos.

bought a sample from LiquidProust.

smells like a mix of the caramel of aged oolong, but also TCM medicinal note from the orange. Kind of unsettling. Taste is almost medicinal, but also warm and sweetened, which I suspect is a combination of the aged oolong and aged orange peel. Not bitter at all. Slightly warming. When I took the tea out of the thermos, I noticed the chunks never broke up and I’m not sure what to do about that. The leaves seem to be crushed together before pressing, from what I can tell.

Not sure if I want at minimum 220g of this so will probably pass for now. Not bad, but very much elicits the “drink when you’re sick” feeling for me from childhood memories.

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