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We’ve had this classic stainless-steel copper-bottom tea kettle for many years – long before I found Steepster. It’s well suited to Western brewing at 212*F, but not very convenient for Gongfu brewing. I’ve also used it for teas that require temperatures less than 212*F with a DAVIDsTEA thermometer/timer.

A classic reliable teakettle is still a good “plan B” if an electric kettle fails and is also very helpful with a gas stove during a power failure. A day w/o tea is definitely not a good day!

I purchased the much more convenient Bonavita Gooseneck Variable-Temp. Electric Kettle and am very pleased.

The Zojirushi 4 temperature (175°F, 195°F, 208°F and Vacuum / REBOIL) electric water boiler is a great option for those who need larger quantities of hot water or who need portability.


I was a little sad to retire my standard kettle also. But the Bonavita is amazing. I really love it so! Can’t comment on the Zojirushi, but I hear those are also good!


Sarsonator, Thanks for your comments! A standard kettle is still a good “plan B” if an electric kettle fails. A day w/o tea is definitely not a good day! Agreed, the Bonavita looks very appealing. What caused you to purchase the Bonavita versus it’s competitors?

A quick look at this page shows the highest rated and most popular kettles:

I plan to use our next variable-temp electric kettle for both Western & Gongfu brewing and would welcome Steepster recommendations.


Nice review!

boychik i would get Zojirushi but non stick coating is no no for me. No Teflon in my house.

Im pretty happy with Breville variable. I have Cuisinart as well in my summer house which is fine. I think i like Breville a little more. I do gongfu sessions every day.


What’s the issue with Teflon in tea kettles?


i dont understand why they cannot make out of SS. And why boiling water should be in non stick. Teflon( non stick) linked to cancer. i use ol cast iron for my skillets


+1 SS would be better. Thanks for the link!


Any thoughts on Breville One Touch Vs. Bonavita Var. Temp. Gooseneck?


Most of the time i make tea for myself. I try not to drink several cups the same tea unless its Puerh. i also read that One Touch retain flavors. And its pricy. i need to boil water diff temps. I have lots and lots of small pots, gaiwans, Yixing,etc. I bought Breville at bed,bath and beyond with 15%coupon( we get this in a mailpretty often) They have a great return policy, no exp time ,sometimes receipt is not necessary;) If something will go wrong I’ll bring it back to store, no ??’s asked.
I have no opinion on Bonavita.


I went with the Bonavita because I wanted to be able to set temperature degree by degree. The price was more than I would have liked, but honestly, it looked so nice that I caved. It had so many great reviews that I figured it would be worth it. I do indeed use it every single day. If a tea requires a temp of 177 degrees, I can make that happen. :)


Review Updated 8-22-14

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