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Recent Tasting Notes

Here is to a wonderful Saturday night :)

This tea had me feeling great by steep 6, however… I’m not sure what happen but the tea became more bitter as I went on. Normally the opposite happens so I’m not exactly sure what the heck happened. I ended up going to 3-5s steeps but even that didn’t help. Regardless, I drank quite a bit and it was a great time!

Side note… Liquid Proust Teas actually had a fantastic week so I decided to re-up on the DianHong and convince myself to just go HARD and purchase the pu’erh that I deemed quality enough to use for the Pu’erh Candy Bar blend coming up!

Back to sheng: I really want to find something like Mandela’s Wild Monk… that tea floored me hard. Searching is actually quite fun, I would have never thought shengs to have different variants beyond tree locations. Tea just keeps becoming more interesting :)

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