Puerh Bklyn

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Picked this up from the PB (Puerh Bklyn) shop in Williamsburg a couple of weeks ago. I should review the shop separately under Places, but wanted to log this tea first. Now, the very first time I ever had TGY was in that shop, when I ended up buying the tea, so I don’t have any experience with this particular type. I also brewed it in my gaiwan, and as I’m a total noob with the tea AND the brewing method, I would take this review not very seriously. It’s mostly just so I know that I like it very much, and that I should buy it again in the future. Long story short: 7 infusions, more “green” and vegetal flavors for the first couple of steeps, with more butteriness coming out from steeps 2 thru 4. Fruitiness appears in steeps 3 and 4 – kind of a berry flavor. Steeps 6 and 7 have the same subtle flavors, and 7 was so subtle I figured I’d stop there. Very pleasant, very refreshing, lovely light flavor all around. My steeps ranged from 30 seconds to over a minute, the color was always pale, although in the shop, it was much darker, even though it didn’t brew for all that long. Considering that my gaiwan is really small (it’s supposed to be 100 ml, but honestly, by the time the leaves unfurl and grow in volume, there’s not much room for the water), I don’t think I should add any more than the 3g I used.

Flavors: Fruity, Green, Vegetal

3 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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