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So I finally found a good picture of this one online that shows the outside of the mug and the giraffe inside so I decided to throw it up on the site and add it to my virtual cupboard along with most of the other teaware I own. I still need to add my Adeline infuser mug and my newest mug, which I got yesterday, that has the “All My Friends are Dead” dinosaur on it. It definitely bugs me just a little that only some of my teaware is in my Steepster cupboard.

Anyway, this one: it was the first “fancy” mug I ever bought – up until this point I only had the mugs that came with my Kitchen set, which are boring and solid red. I got this one in BrewTEAllySweet (sorry if I butchered the spelling)’s tea sale here on Steepster. Subsequently, this one got a lot of use.

Typically I tend to use this one when I’m drinking tea with a very dark and foggy liquor colour because then, when the cup is full, I can’t actually see the adorable as fuck giraffe which makes it “peeking out” all the more cute and amusing. The downside to that, of course, is that darker teas tend to stain your cups more easily than other blends and this guy can be rather difficult to clean. I’ve learned that, in the dishwasher, this one wont come out clean and there’ll still be staining around the base of the giraffe or in the nooks and crannies around his neck or legs/feet. So typically this really needs to be handwashed which is a little bit tedious.

I still love this mug though, and I’m very happy to have it in my collection! It’s super cute and great for serving tea to guests with.


Try denture cleaners on him.

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