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I am in love with the Orange Moon Tea Society and the universe they have created. Orange Moon Tea Society is a tea company that is based off of a collection of stories from Snadragon Tea, a young adult series that follows the life of Emily and what she encounters at her great grandmother’s boarding house. How fun is that! I am so intrigued by the beauty of the artwork each tea has been given and the creative genius of the whole idea of the Orange Moon Tea Society.

This particular tea is a black mango orange mandarin flavored tea. What I love the most is the mandarin orange aftertaste you are left with that keeps you coming back for more. I’m very happy with this one and plan to pick up more when I see it back on the site.

For the rest of the review and to see what CuppaGeek now looks like. . .

Happy Thursday all!


Ooo… I have been curious about their teas. I love the artwork and I’m a huge bat geek.

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