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This was the other flavour that I decided to try from One More Tea – it’s their signature drink/best seller, and I was very intrigued by the honey boba that they use in it. Additionally, since it’s an Earl Grey milk tea base, I thought it might taste very London Fog like in terms of flavour…

I wasn’t very into this one; it was pretty perfumey in terms of the bergamot and, despite being a milk tea base, I thought it was lacking a creaminess and sweetness as well. I always order 1/2 sweet for my bubble tea, and this is maybe actually a circumstance where full sweetness would have been better for me. Most disappointingly, the honey boba just really didn’t taste any different to me from regular boba – though they were adorabley coloured. Very pastel pink!

This is one that I wouldn’t order again.

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Tried out another new bubble tea place here in MTL recently that just started doing delivery/take out on Uber Eats…

Usually when I’m trying a new place for the first time, I like to try something that interests me from their menu that’s a bit more unique and then also try one of their ‘best selling’ flavours. In the case of this place, the two flavours I was curious about also happened to be the two best sellers!

This was interesting – it’s definitely really sweet (even 1/2 sweet, which is my normal bubble tea order) but also quite tart/juicy. It tastes a little bit like some sort of cranberry/cherry juice mixture with just a little bit of blueberry? I enjoyed it, especially on a hot summery afternoon, but it was a bit removed from what I think I’d want to order normally. This drink also comes with brown sugar pearls, and while the pearls themselves were quite delicious I thought that the brown sugar note was disconnected from all the tart, juicy berry flavours.


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