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This was a speciality bubble tea carried by One More Tea this summer. I think that they are still carrying it, but it will eventually be phased out so I’m glad I had a chance to try it and capture it here for my own memory in case they bring it back…

While not the best bubble tea I’ve had over this summer, this is the bubble “Snowcap” (AKA Cheese Tea) that I’ve had during the summer – it was so creamy, fluffy, sweet and just a bit tangy. For the peach element, it’s a bit like fresh peach juice with tender, juicy and ripe tasting diced up cubes of peaches mixed in with the boba in the tea. Combine that and the Snow Cap, and it was just one of the freshest feeling Peaches & Cream combinations that I’ve ever experienced in a tea.


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Ordered a few weeks ago…

I added matcha agar “pearls” and snowcap cream (AKA cheese tea topping) to this as well, instead of just getting it plain. This bubble tea doesn’t come with pearls or milk added into it.

I thought it tasted… fine? The pouchong was nice; I liked that it tasted like it had been steeped from real tea and not just some sort of concentrate, and the honey went well with it as well. It was definitely on the sweeter side, even with my having ordered it at only a third sweetness. I suppose I should have expected that – how “not sweet” can you make a honey flavour!?

The snowcap cream is delicious and a new obsessed and I thought it worked well with the bubble tea. The matcha agar pearls!? Not so much – I wouldn’t order them again. Something about the texture is really off putting to me; a friend suggested that they had the texture of tendons so maybe that’s it? They tasted sort of like Plasticine though, which is a hard pass for me.

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This was the other flavour that I decided to try from One More Tea – it’s their signature drink/best seller, and I was very intrigued by the honey boba that they use in it. Additionally, since it’s an Earl Grey milk tea base, I thought it might taste very London Fog like in terms of flavour…

I wasn’t very into this one; it was pretty perfumey in terms of the bergamot and, despite being a milk tea base, I thought it was lacking a creaminess and sweetness as well. I always order 1/2 sweet for my bubble tea, and this is maybe actually a circumstance where full sweetness would have been better for me. Most disappointingly, the honey boba just really didn’t taste any different to me from regular boba – though they were adorabley coloured. Very pastel pink!

This is one that I wouldn’t order again.

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Tried out another new bubble tea place here in MTL recently that just started doing delivery/take out on Uber Eats…

Usually when I’m trying a new place for the first time, I like to try something that interests me from their menu that’s a bit more unique and then also try one of their ‘best selling’ flavours. In the case of this place, the two flavours I was curious about also happened to be the two best sellers!

This was interesting – it’s definitely really sweet (even 1/2 sweet, which is my normal bubble tea order) but also quite tart/juicy. It tastes a little bit like some sort of cranberry/cherry juice mixture with just a little bit of blueberry? I enjoyed it, especially on a hot summery afternoon, but it was a bit removed from what I think I’d want to order normally. This drink also comes with brown sugar pearls, and while the pearls themselves were quite delicious I thought that the brown sugar note was disconnected from all the tart, juicy berry flavours.


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