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Today I felt like I couldn’t catch a break. Things that could go wrong did go wrong. So when I finally got home, I was ready to shake the suck off this day, sit down, relax and have some delicious sheng. Unfortunately, this was not a delicious sheng.

It has a lightly smoky aroma and I do pick up a little fruit here and there. But the taste… MAN. That is BITTER! I’m scared it might put hair on my chest!

Here are some pics of our time together –

I didn’t think this would be so bitter, considering that the tea leaves are from 2007. This one is going into the cabinet to age for a LONG time, and I have moved on to the lovely Sleeping Bear from WP.

Note: This was my second “mystery” tea from Slovakia. You win some, you lose some! Some you may win in a few more years, with aging! With some luck! :)

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 6 OZ / 177 ML

Goldie looks so pretty on the flower saucer though :). I hope tomorrow is better!


Thanks, mj! Tomorrow will absolutely be better!!!! :)


I always find that the solution to bad tea is to steep some tea you already know is good.


I had one of those days, too. I made myself feel better by ordering tea.


That saucer rocks.


Feel better soon poor darling…

And Allan, I like that solution!


Allan – that’s just what I did! :)
Marz – thanks! It’s actually a ring dish, but it seemed to work nicely here.
Cheri – sorry yours was bad too. Today will be better!!!! What did ya order?
TTF – I woke up early, probably because I went to bed so early. Gonna try to sleep another hour. I feel better already!


I ordered a bunch of Whispering Pines tea. River Rain was my comfort tea yesterday that I finished, and Brenden added it back in stock when I said it was probably a good thing it was out because I would have ordered it. I also got Yabao and Cocoa Amore. (The CA was a second order after realizing how little I have left.)


Yum… love cocoa amore!

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I got this cake from because I was ordering a teapot, and for the shipping cost, it made sense to add some more items. I used google translate to get the site into English. Confession: I bought this one because of the pretty wrapper. I lucked out though, because it’s very good!

Method: 6g, 6 oz, 200 degrees, rinse-rest-10-15-20-etc, sheng yixing and Goldie

Aroma: VERY lightly smoked fruit

Flavor: Springy, fruity, and very lightly floral. This tea is quite smooth with only a tiny kick of astringency and bitterness at the end. But really not much. I think that my gamble paid off! I’m on the 5th steep at 30 seconds and it’s only getting better.

Pics –

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 6 OZ / 177 ML

Gorgeous wrapper. So you chose this to be the gold cup’s maiden voyage? :D


LOL last night I christened Goldie with the Jade Dew cake that I got from Mandala. I wanted our first date to be a tea that I know I like!

This is our second date, so I decided to try something totally new. :)




Feeling a nice tea drunkeness and a little scratch at the back of my throat now.


Yay! Beautiful cake, beautiful pics :-)

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