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I started using Lavender Luxe by working it into my night-time skin care routine. Normally, I would use big brand products, but having acne, eczema and combination skin, I’ve recently decided to make a move towards natural products. My current routine includes using a home ground coffee exfoliator, a DIY green tea cleanser and a light layer of coconut oil or cocoa butter. The products by Nature Whip really complement this kind of routine, as they contain natural ingredients.

Day 1: After cleaning my face of the accumulation of city grub, I replaced my usual moisturiser with Lavender Luxe, adding a light layer all over my face, with a little extra under one eye that had some dry skin. I also rubbed some into the dry skin on my legs, arms and hands. It seems, as with pure coconut oil, that a little goes a long way. The signature smell made this perfect as a night cream to help calm the mind, as lavender is a natural relaxant. After my hours of beauty sleep, I awoke to the softest skin I have EVER had! The effect even seemed to last all day.

Day 3: Results! The dry patch under my eye is gone! My skin is still incredibly soft and it seems the product isn’t flaring up my eczema. I’ve used the Matcha Manderin under my make-up to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day and it doesn’t seem to make me look oily, which is perfect. Just remember not to use lots! I also rubbed a little in my hair last night, from root to tip, but have found this isn’t as effective as coconut oil for softening the hair.

Day 5: Today I rubbed a little through the ends of my hair and styled. Unfortunately, I found that it made the ends of my hair look wet, so is not something I would repeat. I also used this as a pre and post shave balm, which isn’t a routine I usually undertake, but thought I would try it, as it’s one of the suggested uses. Whilst, I found it annoying as a pre balm, as it clogged up my razor, it was perfect and a post balm, extending the new found smoothness of my skin and soothing it.

Day 7: Still using this in my facial routine every night and on the driest of patches on the rest of my body, I’ve found my face to be silky soft, but not excessively moisturised. Amazingly I still have tons left in the pot.

I really liked the classic apothecary feel to the packaging, being retained in a little dark brown glass jar. Whilst the label style gave it a homemade kitch feel, it took away from my initial impression of the product, making it look a little amateur. However, having used the product, it just proves that first impressions DON’T count. The Nature Whip products are genuinely luxurious and makes your skin feel the same. It served to clear general dry skin and made my skin incredibly soft. I’m not just talking soft, I mean silky soft, I mean new PJ’s soft. It didn’t make my eczema patches better, but definitely didn’t flare them up either, so for me that’s a win! Whilst all 3 products smell lovely the Mandarin was my favourite, as the fruity flavours made it feel fun and wearable during the day. I feel like this product is fairly priced, as long as your using it as a daily facial cream, but is perhaps a bit pricey for all over body lotion, especially for someone with problem dry skin, considering it’s a 30ml pot.

Flavors: Lavender


This has some pretty awesome ingredients in it!


Yea! It was such an awesome product

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