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cardamom is my favorite spice in tea so I was very excited to try this tea from Tea Drops. The tea is actually very nice. It is sweetened already but not too sweet, it was really a lovely cuppa. The cardamom was very strong and that is what I wanted and I love the ease of making this. I do find that I toss out the last sip in the bottom of the cup as I don’t enjoy the sediment at the bottom. Also, they are expensive, $1.20 for each cup. Overall I really liked this!

Flavors: Cardamon, Sugar, Tea

Boiling 0 min, 45 sec 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I really like the Teadrops that I’ve tried from My Teadrops.

This is one of the strongest white teas that I’ve tasted, and I’m sure that’s because I’m drinking the whole leaf here that’s been finely ground into a powder. The vanilla notes are soft and creamy. There’s a nice balance between tea and vanilla with this cup.

I wish it wasn’t sweetened, but, I didn’t find it to be overly sweet. There is some sediment at the bottom of the cup when you reach it, so I recommend to stop consuming the beverage once you reach about 1/2 to 1/4 inch to the bottom of the cup. Once you get to that point, stop drinking as I did … and I didn’t get any sediment in my mouth. (I prefer to drink the liquid, not eat the leaf.)

I love this company though, they are very nice and offer excellent customer service and they really believe in their product. It’s the kind of company I like to deal with. I also love that they considered my advice to them and they are now offering their teas in refill sizes in addition to their beautifully crafted wooden box, so that returning customers can get better pricing on their follow-up purchases. I love it when companies listen.

Here’s my full-length review:


that sounds great!


+1 for listening to customer input!


@mrmopar agreed! I love it when a company listens to what a customer has to say. And I love the way this company approaches me as a customer, I don’t feel like … I’m being “handled” … you know what I’m talking about? I’m treated like a friend, and I like that.


Yep and Yep! There are a few who do this and for those that do I am a lifelong customer.

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I had a rather unusual day thus far. We are typically (my husband and I) night owls, so my day starts out a bit later than those who are less night owlish. However, I was unexpectedly awakened today and a favor was needed of me by a family member, so I got up earlier than usual and so, when I had completed the task, I went back to bed for a nap because my sleep time had been interrupted.

As a result, I ended up starting my day later than usual today and as a result, I’m feeling a caffeine withdrawal headache. I think I found a reason why I need to keep these teadrops around! They would be ideal for travel (and way better than anything that most hotels have waiting for you in their tea and coffee hospitality basket), but since I’m not big on traveling and since I’m an at-home mom, convenience is not something that I look for when it comes to tea.

But, these are GREAT for a next-to-instant caffeine fix. All you need is the time it takes to heat the water, and then you have TEA. And it tastes infinitely better than anything from those Kcups (which I hate … ugh.) This tea is actually good.

This product does have it’s “cons” but, overall, I really like this product, and I like that I it allows me to get a quick fix for my caffeine addiction. Which … that’s why we’re all here, right? We’re all addicted to caffeine and of course, Camellia Sinensis!


I do travel and was just contemplating what in my stash will overcome the microwaved water and other issues of travel water. Not for this trip but the next one, I’ll have to try this, thanks for the review!

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Sitting here, enjoying a cup of this tea. I really like these tea drops. They have a really robust cardamom flavor but a good balance has been achieved between tea and cardamom.

As I’ve said before, I guess the only thing I wish these tea drops didn’t have was the sweetener, but they aren’t overly sweet, in my opinion, so even that works, although I’d prefer to decide if I wanted it sweet or not.

Still yummy though.

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I am enjoying a cup of this tea now. I’ve had these teadrops a couple of times now, and overall, they’re pretty good. I also want to say that I love the company. They are very nice. That is always a big plus in my book.

The aroma is amazing. I love the smell of cardamom, and I have to say that Teadrops did the cardamom well. There’s a delicious, spicy flavor to it, but there isn’t too much cardamom to this. I can even taste that hint of citrus to the cardamom. Nice.

The tea itself is a satisfying black tea. It has a good flavor to it. It doesn’t taste like a dust/fannings sort of nasty tea that you’d find in the supermarket. It tastes like a good quality tea that has been turned into a teadrop.

I do have a couple of issues (as I point out in my full-length review of this tea, you can check that out here: ) :

1. I’m not crazy about the fact that it’s pre-sweetened. I like to decide if I want sweetener or not. Typically with a spiced tea like this one, I would add a little bit of raw sugar to it because I think that the spices need a little bit of sugar to really pop. But I guess I like to decide how much sugar goes into the cup and not have that decided for me.

2. There is some undissolved sediment at the bottom of the cup when you get there. I resolve this by stopping when I’m down to the last 1/2 inch of tea at the bottom. I don’t get any sediment in the sip before that point, and so, the tea above the approximate 1/2 inch to the bottom is good stuff.

It’s pretty good, and goes nicely with breakfast. Yes … I’m having breakfast now. I just woke up a couple of hours ago. I find that if I stay up late, then I sleep through morning. And since I’m not a morning person … this works well for me.


yum, i love cardamom!!!!

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