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This was the other one from Mr. Bubble Tea that I picked up at the grocery store. After the first, which had a strange fermented fruit quality to it that seemed possibly unintentional, I was very nervous about this one. It’s a lemonade base with cherry popping boba, which sounded delightful. But I had lost confidence in the brand…

It was definitely not carbonated and that simultaneously made me feel more safe drinking this flavour and less safe with the one I had previously drank. The lemonade was a nice level of sweetness though and though it was arguably a little thin/watery I thought the more mellowed flavour actually added to how refreshing it was. The cherry popping boba was pretty rich as well, so each of those burst kind of compensated with extra juicy flavour. Could have possibly been a little more pucker-y though!

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Picked this one up from the grocery store.

It was a weird and perplexing experience because it’s basically like a fruit based tea with popping boba in it. This one in particular was cranberry orange flavoured with blueberry popping boba. Nothing on the bottle said it was supposed to be sparkling though, and then when I cracked it open there was a distinct fizz to this tea with a sort of vinegar-y acidity. It really, really kind of tasted fermented to me and that’s not to say it was bad because I thought it sort of complimented the more tart cranberry orange notes and then they super syrupy and sweet blueberry bursts mellowed it out.

It was just… well, freaky because I couldn’t gauge if it was intentionally like that.

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