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K is for… Kunlun Mountain Snow Chrysanthemum Flower.

These are beautiful. A gift from Michelle. I used five buds in a clear mug and steeped for four minutes. The water turned dark as soon as it hit the dried flowers. They opened fully and swirled around the top of my cup as they steeped. I thought I smelled dark chocolate covered cherries in the dry flowers, also lemon, but both the aroma while steeping and the taste after hints at dill (just as Michelle said). There’s something else I can’t place, like the feeling you get when you walk into an antique store full of leather furniture and old books. It’s not a musty smell, not at all, but it seems very familiar. Each drink feels as though I’m about to take a sip of pickle juice as I’m leaning in, but the flavor isn’t so strong as the scent. The description said that honey would increase the flavor, but I’m not really finding that to be the case. If anything, the honey is overpowering the taste. It also says that rock sugar is often added, so I may try that next time instead. Michelle mentioned that she frequently adds this to chamomile or Assam. I feel like this herbal has a lot to offer, both on its own and as an add-in to other teas. I’m intrigued by it and really glad I’m having an opportunity to try it. Thanks, Michelle!

Flavors: Cherry, Dark Bittersweet, Dill, Lemon

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 6 OZ / 177 ML
Martin Bednář

I checked those out on Etsy, but they don’t ship them here *sobs


This is so very different from regular chrysanthemum flowers! Glad you got to try :)


Martin – Michelle mentioned that Vital Leaf Tea also carries Snow Chrysanthemum, though they are often sold out. I checked their shipping and it’s a little confusing, but I think it says that they will accept orders from international customers. Here is the link if you would like to check –

Michelle – I’ve never had regular chrysanthemum flowers, but these were such a treat. Really just a unique flavor!

Martin Bednář

Thank you Shae! I had those from Yunnan Sourcing, which do ship here, so I am considering placing the order there. But I don’t want to place any orders now… too much teas here!


I understand that! :D

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