Mortal Kombucha

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One of many RTDs that was sampled while in LA.

This is definitely an example of marketing really getting to you. I’m not really a fan of margaritas, but when I saw this brilliantly blue kombucha inspired by Marge Simpson’s hair the pun of it all was just too much. I think it takes a truly brilliant mind to find a way to cohesively marry The Simpsons, Margaritas, and Kombucha in a way that feels effortless and relevant in 2022…

Unfortunately the taste of the drink was kind of just so-so. Not unpleasant, but very simple and very, very lime. I found it a little too sour and reminiscent of unaltered lime juice to really get into more than a couple sips of the bottle. However, the fact I bought it at all is kind of just a testament to the company’s clever marketing and if you do like more of that bright, acidic and tart citrus flavour then I think this would very much appeal to that kind of consumer!

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