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I made this as an iced tea after a morning hike yesterday. It held up quite well! I cannot find this one on Monarch Tea House’s site anymore, which is a bummer. I really enjoyed the strong candy floss flavors – dare I say, raspberries—of the tea. It was a cooling tea after 4 miles of an extremely hilly hike!

Flavors: Cotton Candy, Raspberry

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Sip Down & Backlog

I believe that this one is no longer listed on Monarch Tea House’s website. A few of their teas have changed with the new ownership, so I’ve not really made the time to check their offerings. This was an older sample given to me around 2019 or 2020. I’m not sure the age of it from the previous owner, but it may have sat with them for a while.

I decided to ice this on Wednesday after taking the time to work through yardwork. It was a warm day, so my thirst levels were through the roof! Of course I had plenty of water, but I wanted iced tea, as well. I’ve only made a brief note for myself due to this being older and sitting for a long while in my stash, so I wasn’t expecting a soaring rating.

A fermented strawberry
Sitting in the sun
Yeasty yet satisfying

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